CD One Price Cleaners — Review and Giveaway (2/17)

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This review and giveaway is sponsored by CD One Price Cleaners. I received a gift card for purposes of review, but all opinions in this post are my own.


So, we’ve driven by this CD One Price Cleaners a million times but never gone in. I work from home, so don’t have a lot of need for dry cleaning or laundering, lol. (Yeah, sometimes I even wear yoga pants… on days I don’t even have yoga! shhh) MashupDad, however, is somewhat fancier in his work requirements than I, so duly took a batch of his clothes over to our local CD One Price Cleaners earlier this week. We visited the Lombard location, but they have 30 Chicago area stores to choose from.


Now, MashupDad was of course most impressed with the free lollipops and coffee at CD One Price Cleaners (and check out the hanger recycling — brilliant!).


Me, I’m impressed that you can sign up for alerts and get an email when your dry cleaning is ready, because nothing’s more annoying than a wasted trip. Plus: Drop off before 10 AM, and you can pick up after 5 PM that same day. Super handy when you have an occasion coming up and realize last minute that you need to have something cleaned.


And, they even gave him this handy bag to bring in his cleaning next time — which should be more useful than the “crumpled heap of clothes on top of the dresser” method he’s employed in the past. 😉


I’m also pleased with the “per item” pricing. I’ve never understood why women’s clothes tend to cost more at the cleaners, but at CD One Price Cleaners, they live up to their name. Current pricing: Any dry cleaned garment is just $2.79 (doesn’t matter if it is a women’s silk shirt or a men’s winter coat), and each laundered shirt is just $1.49. I do wish that they were open on Sundays, since that is a typical errand day here, but they’re open early enough on weekdays that it is not a problem to drop off before work.

On to the giveaway

What can you win?

  • One lucky Mashup Mom reader will win a $25 gift certificate to CD One Price Cleaners!

How do you enter?

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  1. Suzann says

    I am in Houston–the Koreans and Indian cleaning places took over many years ago- shirts laundered $1.00 and cleaning $1.29/item.
    I still take the really good stuff to the full price but even they coupon now!!!

  2. Sarah jaburek says

    I like it. But I’m forgetful and I read in store that if you don’t pick up your clothes in a certain amount of time they will donate your clothes. Knowing me I’d forget so I would only use them if it was something I was going to have to wear in the next couple days.

  3. Tamara says

    I’ve never been there, but love the idea of one price! I have been to places where sometimes pants are $3.50 and a skirt is $4.50. Why?? Chicago dry cleaning is expensive and hard to find a good place at a decent price. Would love to help offset that a bit with a gift card. :)

  4. Beth says

    love the price and especially love the pick up same day… we frequently have the “oh no, we forgot and need that suit today” moments and it works out very well!

  5. Sheree says

    Dry cleaning is so expensive. I like the idea of one price. I never understood why cleaners charged more for women’s garments than men’s garments!

  6. Laurie says

    I love the idea of the same day pick-up! I always seem to wait until the last minute when I need something dry cleaned and I usually have to pay for my procrastination.

  7. Cathy F says

    Wonderful that women’s items cost the same!!! We still pay more for haircuts, but this is a step in the right direction!

  8. CarolS-T says

    I love the idea of one price dry cleaning! Always had a good experience with this dry cleaner in the past.

  9. Linda says

    I’ve used the CD one price in Glen Ellyn for most of my dry cleaning needs. They don’t do leather, but everything else I’ve ever had dry cleaned there (sweaters, suits for my husband, etc.) has turned out great. Love one price!!

  10. Fran says

    I love the idea! We have a CD One Price that just opened a couple of mont go down the street. I have not tried them yet, but should. Dry cleaners have become so expensive!

  11. Shirley says

    CD price screwed up my husband’s dress shirts twice so I stopped using it. Besides, they raised their price twice. I believe it was $1.19 when I first used them, then $1.29 and now $1.49. I found a Korean dry cleaner in Wheaton and I got better service and price.

  12. Allison says

    I love the one price concept. I don’t understand why some places charge more for women’s clothing.

  13. Erick says

    Great value but not my favorite dry cleaning quality. Good enough though that I go there periodically. But value for Dollar can’t be beat.

  14. regis says

    Been using them for years because of the one price concept. I always know what I’m going to pay before I go in.

  15. says

    I love the idea on one price. I took my daughter’s wool coat to my local cleaners and they were going to charge me $10 to clean it! (For a 7 year old’s coat that would probably get dirty again, and of which I only paid like $20 for!)

  16. jennifer says

    I love the fact that I always know what my cleaning will cost upfront. In the past with full price cleaners pickup was always scary because I never knew what they were going to charge. Fast, efficient and free coffee, what is not to like?

  17. maggie says

    I wish everything at Jewel was one price! LOL
    Well, maybe not… might become a problem when everything is $50… :)

  18. Kat says

    The affordable one cost concept is nice. As a young professional, I don’t have a lot of money to spend on dry cleaning. Other cleaners can cost an average of $5 or more.

  19. Princesa says

    We don’t dry clean a lot of clothes, but we do some. I like the one price because some of the items’ prices can get out of hand!

  20. Robyn says

    I like the one price. We don’t dry clean a lot of clothes, but I have used CD in last minute situations and were happy with their service.

  21. VB says

    As a consumer I like the one price. I used to work for a dry cleaner while in high school and we used to charge more for items that took special care. Like blouses with delicate buttons (like the mother of pearl type buttons) we would have to wrap each button in foil so that they would not chip or break when being cleaned. Men’s shirts were cheaper because there are machines that do all the work for you like the ironing, for women’s items they had to hand ironed because of the material or the pleating or the buttons. Atleast that was my understanding as to why it cost a bit more. The prices were high but having a drive thru was a perk some people wanted.

  22. Patty says

    I’ve used the CD Cleaners in Crystal Lake, and they’re great. One price concept works for me. Dress, coat, wool pants-I always know what to expect to pay.

  23. Marsha says

    I’ve been using them for years – the one price thing is great, and their quality and customer service are excellent as well.

  24. Valerie says

    I like the concept of one price for cleaning. I, too, don’t understand why women’s are soo much more expensive at cleaners.

  25. Holly says

    Please note: I have infrequently gotten discount coupons for CD eithe by direct snail mail or in those monthly mailings we all get. rare but every little bit helps.