Reader deals 4/15/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • A tip from Mari on Favado: “If you go to settings, you can toggle the “Show Final Prices” option to show the final price as you’re searching or browsing for items next to the paperclip (instead of going into the actual item listing). You can also set notifications to let you know when a new circular is available on the app. I’ve had mixed results doing this with the Jewel ads. They sometimes have the bigger ads like CVS, Wags, Target etc. the night before they go into effect. You can also set favorites from a list of categories and brands to let you know when particular items are on sale, and you can view them in the “For you” section when browsing a particular ad. I have mine set to cereal, because we go through tons of it here, lol. I find the app useful when I’m searching for a particular item that’s on sale, and compare prices across stores I have set. It saves me a bunch of time, personally!”


  • On the $1.00/1 Johnsonville sausage, ellen says: “exp 12/31/14! and I got a cat alert for Johnsonville at meijer the other day- although I can’t find it to post the details, I know it has not started yet”
  • Jane’s Driscoll’s experience: “I have been buying so many berries since I joined the survey panel (who knows how long ago?) They sent me a nice email to ask for my US snail mail address because since I bought so much of their product (it seemed like they said over 100) they were going to send me a gift! It took a couple months but a week or so ago I received my package. Sorry if I have already bragged about this on your blog….I cannot recall…but it was a reusable shopping bag and a cutting board and a strainer (all with Driscolls logos on) and 2- $2 off any product coupons! I was floored. The shipping on the box cost them almost $10. They have a customer for life in me! Keep doing surveys, it pays off! :>)”


  • An idea for the $5/$15 code from Cesar: “I used it to get 4 movie tickets for a total of $11 at the Hollywood Palms in Naperville.  The deal is 2 tickets for $8 but purchased one for myself and another as a gift to get over the $15 mark :)”
  • Another one, from Samantha: “Make a masterpiece is $15″


  • Advice from julie: “LOL Shirts has some great deals and designs, but their shipping is terribly slow. If you want to give one as a mother’s day present, you should probably order this week.”

Reader requests

  • From Martha on Facebook: “We are going to attempt to put some work into the lawn to grow at the house we are renting. Our friend who is a landscaper in another state recommended going to “where the landscapers get their materials” for quality stuff, but I don’t really know where that is around here? I live in Naperville, but obviously the only places you’ll find around here are box stores like Lowes/HD or expensive places to buy fancy landscaping stuff. I just want good quality grass seed and fertilizer for a good price since this is out of our own pocket and our landlord is not reimbursing us for it, and we’re willing to drive for it. Thanks!!”
  • Kathy in Hot Deals asks: “Any deals ever on AAA membership? Anyone a member? Is it worth it? Thank you.”
  • Charlotte posts on Facebook: “Does anyone know of a good children’s hairdresser in the Bolingbrook area?”


  • Amy emails: “The Target by Springhill Mall (soon to be closing) in Dundee is offering 30% off all food products.  Sale prices and coupons are being honored.  The sale includes Easter candy.  The $10 off $50 food purchase is also active.  Big Deals going on!”


  • Tamara reports: “My Morton epsom lotion rang up at $4.99 today and I still got the $6 RR.  :)”

Reader deals 4/14/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Samantha posts on Facebook: “The $2 Dream Non Dairy coupon has reset!! Now printing with SmartSource”

Dollar Tree

  • Jane says: “Not about corn dogs….but I found Weight Watchers Smart Ones frozen meals today at DT! There were several kinds in freezer. I found the printable on Coupon tom for $2/7 and when you click the link it pops up a place to vote on a video and you will then get a $5/7 coupon! I tried to vote but cannot find the coupon to print up. Has anyone else got the $5 one to print? It says the contest goes on for 10 more days I believe. I clicked on the $2 link (thinking it may be boosted to $5) but nope. Thanks if anyone can assist me.”

Famous Footwear

  • Jane’s experience: “Just got to the mall today and they would not honor the $10 code they texted me! We tried to buy socks and the register said offer not valid on that purchase. We tried sale and regular and even over $10. I am going to email or call them because both my husband and I are rewards members and he even entered his info in. It was not a barcode to scan, just some numbers too. That was very disappointing to say the least.”
  • She adds: “Calling them was unreal, she told me they had to pull the offer because, get this: “too many people were getting that deal that were not supposed to” I told her I am a member and I texted the deal and received back a code to enter in store before they ended the offer. My code says it expires 4-21. She said she was sorry but they cannot do anything about it! I emailed them and complained. We will see if they reply. That is terrible business practice if you ask me.”


  • From Jeanne: “I notice that my local Jewel at Rt. 59 and Caton Farm in Plainfield/Joliet has begun sprucing up their produce department. I hardly shop there anymore since they can never seem to beat the prices of Tony’s across the street. They are putting in the vertical shelving similar to Whole Foods and Mariano’s, looks like they are adding more organic and the prices seemed a little lower. I have a feeling this is due to Mariano’s getting ready to open. Has anyone else had their local Jewel improve prices and or selection when Mariano’s came?”
  • Maureen reports on Annie’s mac & cheese: “These have been on sale at Jewel for $1.25/box for the last week. They have gone as low as $1.00/box at both Jewel and Target. This is not their 100% organic line which is usually over $2/box”


  • Kari O. says: “If you’re looking at Lowe’s website keep an eye out for their 12# Kingsford charcoal too. It’s a clearance item that has dropped to 90% off at certain locations. My parents got it for $1.28. So far I’ve only see $5.99 near me, so I’m waiting. I would do this deal but I don’t need that much charcoal.”


  • Emily is wondering: “There was a dollar coupon in this weekends paper for Birds Eye Recipe Ready vegetables. There are some Birds Eye vegetables on sale at Meijer this week for 1.00. Does anyone know if the Recipe Ready veges are included in this? Thanks!”
  • Melissa N says: “I miss the days of free Wesson. :( moment of silence observed. :). Anyway, starting on Thursday for you Chicagoland people at meijer (everyone else now). Wesson is $2.50/ bottle, use .75 coupon knocks it down to $1.75. It’s not free, but not bad.”


  • From peaches: “Save your money, and go to Menard’s and get their 8.8lb. bags of Royal Oak charcoal. It is on sale right now for $4.99 a bag, and there is a $20 rebate out there. This is way better charcoal than Kingsford is.”

Reader requests

  • One from tracey: “Can you please ask your readers where to find deals on or inexpensive graduation announcements.”
  • Elizabeth posts on Facebook about the coupon/stockpile swap: “is there anyone willing to do this in the des plaines area..on a weeknight somewhere?”
  • A question from cj: “i see there is a free coupon for 5 lb of shredding at office depot. is this good at office maxx as well? i heard the companies were combining. thanks!”


  • From liz: “I went to target yesterday with the 10 off 50 and spent $20.40 !! I got so many groceries using cartwheel mobile texts, coupons..ideas include stoffers family meals(get a free garlic bread) use the 1.50 coupon plus 1.00 target coupon(hip2save site, la Croix water was on sale for $3. (had a 1.00 off coupon), triscuit on sale for $2. (had $1.00 man. coupon), mini wheats cereal 50% cartwheel and $1/3(mashup), 2 dozen eggs, .50 mobile text, 2 driscoll strawberries 2/$4 with 2/5 produce text and 2 .50 coupons from their site, I found ground pork 3.74/lb, some had $1.00 stickers (because if a meat has a sell by date within a day or 2 you can ask them for a sticker coupon,,,I also used the $1 off fresh meat text and I had a $1.00off pork man coupon for .74 pork), .walk around your own store and take advantage of this coupon..use that coupon before any other coupon or text”
  • Something to look for from VB on the Mini-Wheats: “Th e mini what’s I bought where the ones for $2.99 the strawberry kind. Because those have the Spiderman codes. so by spending an extra 75 cents for three boxes I was able to get $5 In concession cash.” Be on the look out for special codes in general. Some of the regular have $5 cash with three codes, any of them could have $10 in music money with five codes, free books with three codes, $15 in coupons, etc. It all depends on when the boxes were printed and what ended up where.


  • A heads up from liz: “The $1/2 doesn’t work on the mars that are 2/$3. The coupon lists very specific sizes (2oz or larger) for the products and the snickers/m&m’s that are included are only 1 oz.”

Walgreens Photo Codes and CVS Photo Codes 4/13/14


Here are your CVS photo codes good online only from 4/13/14 through 4/19/14.

Here are your Walgreens photo codes.
The codes below are good online 4/13/14 through 4/16/14 only!

Older and monthly online-only Walgreens Photo coupon codes that are good through 5/1/14:

Reader deals 4/12/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Artie comments: “Anyone else notice that perhaps because of the price increase Tribunes were selling faster at Dollar Tree? My store opens at 8AM and by 9:15 over 80% were gone. How long before people try to start reselling them?”
  • Jane says: “Did you also notice the exclusion on the Vidal Sassoon coupon, excludes 12 oz. size! That is not a tiny bottle. This was the one we got free at Family Dollar a few weeks ago. Geez.”

Dollar General

  • Darlene posts on Facebook: “If you are at Dollar General anytime soon & see “RubyKist 100% Apple Cider” — have the cashier price check it. $.01 at my Dollar General yesterday!! (Seasonal item from fall that ‘shoulda been pulled’ is what cashier told me) Date on the 8 bottles I bought — for $.08!! — is 9/15/15, so that’s not the issue. I went in for paper plates, napkins, spotted these on an endcap & thought that sounded good with some spiced rum I had at home :) No price on shelf or bottle. When it rang up for $.01, I sent my teenager back to pick up the other 7 bottles on the shelf. WOW!”
  • She adds: “There were some other juices on the endcap, too. Tampico, some v8, etc. Might head in there today to price check some of those — IDK. can’t hurt, I suppose.”

Easter Bunny


  • From Kim: “The sara lee boxed snack cakes are 2.50 and there is a 1/1 q making them 1.50 each.” We didn’t get it in the Tribune, unfortunately.


  • Kitty emails: “There is a Try Me Free rebate for the Ban Wipes The package sticker says,    Visit      feelbanfesh.comrebate    to complete the rebate form.  UPC, receipt and sticker are required. 1 per household through 4-30-14. Wonder if using the free coupon will affect the rebate. Usually it doesn’t but it did on those glucose meters Walgreens has a while back.”


  • Some information on the massager, from letsshop: “Mine helps sometimes depends on how bad pain is ,electrodes can be costly last a short time ,temporary fix on pain in certain parts of body .I put mine up all the way ,so electronic impulses can relieve some of the nerve pain .I get mine free threw Medicare cause of back problems and being a senior. Its generally called 10s unit if its the one I think it is .”


  • An idea sent over by Kitty: “I got a great deal on 12 oz Driscoll’s blackberries at Target.  They are $2.50, less 5% cartwheel ($2.37), less $1 MQ from Driscoll’s survey.  That made them $1.37 for 12 oz.  I am pretty sure the Driscoll’s survey is still active.  I do it every few weeks and can print 5 or more coupons each time.”
  • For the new coupon, Shandelle says: “There’s also 15% off Reddi-Wip in Cartwheel (Exp 4/19). I read elsewhere these are 2/$4 at Kroger right now (not sure which region), so $1 after the coupon.”


  • From liz: “this week I got flat out wraps for 1.99 unadvertised sale at walgreens normally these are 2.99.. they keep them frozen so you can ask for some from the back and keep them frozen at home…once thawed they have a shelf life of 16 days…this is the best price I have seen for these”
  • For anyone going today, letsshop found that the 21 ct Neutrogena wipes are $6.49 and BOGO 50%. Use the $2.00/1 in the April book (will come off each) and $3.00/2 in the 3/23 SS to make your OOP $2.73. Then submit for $2.00 back with Checkout 51!

Walgreens deals week of 4/13/14 – 4/19/14

Here are the top Walgreens deals and coupon matchups for the week of 4/13/14. Walgreens deals come to us courtesy of Couponing for 4.

Top Walgreens deals this week

Brach’s Jelly Beans 2/$3
Use recent $2 Brach’s Candy printable (no longer available)
Use $1/2 Branch’s or Trolli Gummy, Jelly Beans or Candy Eggs from Walgreens April coupon booklet
Final Price: 2 Free!

Ban Total Refresh Cloths 10 pk $3.99
Use FREE Ban Total Refresh Cooling Body Cloths from 4/13 SS
Final Price: Free!

Morton Epsom Lotion $6
Get $6 RR
Final Price: Free!

Mars Easter Candy Singles 3/$2
Use $1/2 Mars Easter Products from 3/23 RP or 4/6 RP
Final Price: 6/$1 ($.17 each)

Wrong size for coupon

Trident, Wrigley’s or Extra Gum $.69 w/in-ad coupon (Limit 3)
Use $.50 Wrigley’s 5 Gum  from 4/6 RP
Final Price: $.19

Biotene B1G1 50% Off
Use $2.50/2 Biotene Product printable
Use $1 Biotene Product printable
Final Price: Varies

**Deal Idea**
Buy 2 Biotene Dry Mouth Gum $1.99 each ($3)
Use $2.50/2 Biotene from above
Final Price: 2/$.50 ($.25 each)

Renuzit Gel Air Fresheners $.89
Use $1/3 Renuzit Cones printable
Use B3G3 Renuzit Adjustables from 4/13 SS
Final Price: 3/$1.65 ($.56 each) or 6/$2.67 ($.45 each)

TRESsemme treatments net $1.99 at Walgreens


TRESsemme treatments are generally pretty pricy, but here’s a new coupon + Walgreens deal to grab some on the cheap.

  • Buy two select TRESsemme treatments through 4/26, get 2000 Balance Rewards points.
  • Buy two TRESsemme Keratin Smooth 7 Day Smooth Heat Activated Treatment and/or Renewal Hair & Scalp Deeply Nourish Conditioning Treatment at $4.99 each = $9.98.
  • Use two of these new $2.00/1 TRESsemme treatment coupons = $5.98.
  • Get back 2000 Balance Rewards points for a net cost of $3.98 for two, or just $1.99 each.

These normally run about $7.69 each, so not bad.

(Thanks, Wild for Wags)

Walgreens Photo Codes and CVS Photo Codes 4/6/14


Here are your CVS photo codes good online only from 4/6/14 through 4/12/14.

Here are your Walgreens photo codes.
The code below is good online 4/6/14 through 4/8/14 only!

Older and monthly online-only Walgreens Photo coupon codes that are good through 5/1/14: