Share your Target $10/$50 food scenarios here


I thought it would be kind of fun to share our scenarios for using the great $10/$50 Target food & beverage coupon this week (find in the 4/13 ad, text GROCERY to 827438 or print here)!

What scenarios do you have?

Here’s what I did with my $10/$50 today — and please share your scenarios in comments here. What did you use your $10/$50 on, or what do you plan to do this week? * Remember, hand the $10/$50 over first and you should be able to use it before all other coupons!

Jewel — Official scenarios post for General Mills through 10/20

Here’s your official scenarios post for the General Mills Catalina deal running through 10/20. Again, this is a buy $25, get $10 OYNO deal, and is found on the back page of Thursday’s ad. For information on coupon matchups and overlapping Catalina deals, see here. Note the UPC list linked there on Couponers Wanted is kind of messed up — it’s not showing products, like Chex Mix, that are actually part of the deal etc.

Please continue to add your scenarios in comments here! :) If you’re copying these, remember to always verify pre-card price at your own store, since these can vary between stores — even a few cents can throw you off.

If you’re new, please read How Catalinas Work at Jewel and What if My Catalina Doesn’t Print? before proceeding. It is important information and will make the below much less confusing. These scenarios are going on pre-card prices and you need to know how this works.

Green Giant boxed frozen veggies scenario

These are on sale 10/$10.00. The “sale,” or pre-preferred price? $2.00. (As always, check at your store to make absolutely sure.) This means:

  1. Buy 13 boxes of Green Giant veggies for $13.00 and get $10.00 back, for a net cost of $3.00 for thirteen. But, make it better with coupons!
  2. There’s $1.00/2 in the $70 savings booklet at Dominick’s. So if you have six of those, pay $7.00 for 13, get $10.00 back, and … make $3.00 by buying veggies!
  3. There’s $.50/1 Green Giant veggies here. There’s $.60/3 on and the 9/12 GM and the 9/26 SS and the 10/3 GM. With four $.60/3, pay $10.60 with $10.00 back for a net cost of $.60 for 13 boxes! With four $.60/3 plus a $.50/1, pay $10.10 with $10.00 back for a net cost of $.10 for 13 boxes! With six $1.00/2 plus a $.50/1, pay $6.50 with $10.00 back, for a net cost of negative $3.50 for 13 boxes!

My three from 10/15 — trying to get Golden Grahams and Go-Gurt in there!

Transaction one

2 Go-Gurt, $5.00. Used $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s $70 savings booklet.
5 Green Giant veggies, $5.00. Used two $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s $70 savings booklet and a $.50/1 printable.
3 Golden Grahams, $6.00. Used $1.00/3 from the 10/3 GM.

Paid with $10 Catalinas and $1.78 on gift card. Got back $10.00 for GM for net cost of $1.78.

Transaction two

4 Multigrain Cheerios, $8.00. Used two $1.00/2 from the 9/19 SS.
2 Green Giant veggies, $2.00. Used $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s $70 booklet.
2 Go-Gurt, $5.00. Used $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s $70 booklet.

Paid with $10.00 Catalinas and $1.26 on gift card, got back $10.00 for GM, net cost $1.26.

Transaction three

2 Green Giant veggies, $2.00. Used $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s $70 booklet.
10 Progresso veggie classics soup, $10.00. Used two $1.00/3 from the better at home booklet and $1.00/4 from the 10/3 GM.
Golden Grahams, $2.00.

Paid with $10.00 Catalinas and $.25 on gift card. Got back $10.00 for GM. Net: $.25!

Frosting n’ cake with some salty snacks — from Coupon Princess

4 frostings $1.50/$2.29 =$6/$9.16
4 cake mixes $1/$1.59=4/$6.36
4 chex mix or bugles $1.69/$2.49=$6.76/$9.96
$16.76- $5Q’s (4- 75c Q’s & 4-50c Q’s)=$11.76/25.48

Or (4) 75both & (2) $3 Q’s off chex mix=$12 Q’s=$4.76
Add $5.23 in groceries!!!

Get $10 cat plus $3 cat for Pillsbury frosting.

From Coupon Princess via Couponers Wanted (or vice versa, really)

melo597 from CW:
5 Pillsbury Sweet moments (18.75/12.50)
2 muffin mixes (6.90/4)
total: (25.65 / 16.50)
Use: 5 $1/1 Q’s (IP and GM insert)
and two .50 / 1 Q’s (IP)
pay 10.50 get $10 cat

Sweet Moments overload, from Meg

7 sweet moments gets you to $25.
use 7 $1.50.
Pay $7.00 , get back $10.00 .

Coupon Princess has a variation: I did the same deal but only had (2) $1.50/1 Q’s and (5)$1/1 Q’s= $9.50
Just throw in a couple bananas or any 50c filler to roll your $10 cat. Tax was around 23c!

Lots of Cheerios, from KJ

Multigrain Cheerios have the highest spread. My Jewel originally priced them at 3.95. Buy 6 and one box of GG veggies for $3.00 oop withOUT coupons. Add coupons for even better

Sugar overload, from Kim

4 frostings $1.50/$2.29 =$6/$9.16
4 cake mixes $1/$1.59=4/$6.36
3 PB Sweet Moments $2.5/$3.75 = $7.5/$11.25

Total: $17.50/$26.77 – $7.50 in Q’s (3×1.5 for PBSM and 4x.75 for cake/frosting) = $10 (use $10 con agra cat) and just pay tax and get $10 GM cat plus $3 frosting cat = $3MM!!???

A whole slew of good ones from Christy

Transaction #1:
8 Totino’s Pizza Rolls
2 Pillsbury Simply Cookie mixes
1 Better Crocker Cookie Mix pouch

Used four $1/2 Totinos, one $1/2 Pillsbury Refridg. Cookies, and 0.40/1 Cookie pouch. Paid $9.86 and got back $10.

Transaction #2:
3 Boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal
1 Yoplait Delights yogurt
4 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
4 Betty Crocker Frostings

Used three 0.55/1 CTC, $1/1 Yoplait, and two 0.75/2 on the Cake Mixes and Frostings together. Paid with $10 cat and $4.67 and got back $13.00.

Transaction #3:
4 Pillsbury Sweet Moments
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch
3 Boxes Reese’s Puffs cereal

Used $1.50/3 GM cereals, 0.40/1 Cookie pouch, three $1.50/1 Sweet Moments and one $1/1 Sweet Moments. Paid with $10 cat and 0.92 and got back $10 in cats.

Transaction #4:
1 Betty Crocker Cookie Pouch
4 Betty Crocker Cake Mixes
4 Betty Crocker Frostings
2 Fiber One bars
1 Pillsbury Sweet Moments

Used 0.40/1 Cookie Pouch, two 0.75/2 Cake Mixes and Frostings, two 0.50/1 Fiber One bars, and one $1.50/1 Sweet Moments. Paid with $13 in cats and 0.81 and got back $13 in cats.

Pizza pizza, from Tammy

Did these transactions this morning

14 Totinos Pizza 1.00/1.98
Used 4 .50/3 from 8/8GM
paid 12.00, got back two $5 cats

10 Totinos pizza rolls 1.00/2.00
2 toaster Strudel 2.50/2.95
Used 5 .40/2 rolls 8/8gm and 1.00/2 strudel from Doms 70 book
paid 12.00 got back two $5 cats

Lotsa regular Cheerios, from Katie

9 boxes original Cheerios
1 Green Giant
Without any coupons, $19, get $10 back, so $9 after rolled catalina.

A couple from Sara

Transaction 1:
2 Cheerios
4 Simply Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
1 GG frozen corn
1 GG frozen broccoli cuts
(used $1/3 cereals, (4) $0.55 for the simply, and $1/2 for the veggies)

Transaction 2:
2 Pillsbury cinnamon rolls
1 GG frozen corn
3 GG frozen peas
2 GM flour
1 BC chocolate cake mix
4 BC frosting
(used $1/2 for cinnamon rolls, (2) $1/2 for the veggies, $0.75 off for frosting and cake mix. I had another one of those last night but lost it- bummer!)

Less than $10 out of pocket and got back $23 in Cats. Woot!

A look at all I can get for free scenario from natalie0920

Even after doing this for a few months I am still AMAZED at what you can get for free! Today’s loot from St. Charles Jewel:
2 boxes Cinnamon Toast Crunch $2/$2.75 = $4/$5.50
4 Pillsbury Sweet Moments $2.50/$3.75 = $10/14.96
1 Chex Mix 1.69/$2.49
2 boxes GG veggies (roasted potatos / brocolli) $1/$2 = $2/$4
Total 17.69/26.95 Used .55/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (IP), .65/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch (IP),
2 – .50/1 GG Veggies (IP), .50/1 Chex Mix (IP), 2 – 1.50/1 Sweet Moments (IP), 2 – $1/1 Sweet Moments (blinkies)
9.99 OOP w/$10 cat back – will definitely be going back for more!

Cheerios n’ chocolate from Tammi

4 Multigrain Cheerios (3.95/2) 3 Sweet Moments (3.75/2.50) – Use 2 $1.50/1 Sweet Moments, 1 $1/1 Sweet Moments, 2 $1/2 Cheerios from 9/19 SS = 50 cent money maker!

Fruit snacks n’ soup from Kristy

I did 2 transactions today stocking up on fruit snacks because we are on our last box from last winter! They are always a bit expensive but my kids love them. Here’s what I did:

7 progresso soups $1.00/$2.00
5 Fruit snacks $2.00/$2.50
Used 2 .50/2 fruit snacks qs and 1 $1.00/4 soup q. & $10 cat
Paid $6.11 OOP got back $13.00 (2 $5 cats and a $3)

7 soups
5 Fruit Snacks
used 1 .50/2 and 1.00/4 soup and $13 in cats
Paid $3.12 OOP and got back $13.00

So $9.23 OOP for 10 fruit snacks and 14 soups with $13.00 in cats to roll.

More fruit snacks from Stephanie

If you wanted a lower OOP for fruit snacks you could do:

4 cake mix $1/$1.59 = $4/$6
4 frosting $1.50/$2.25 = $6/$9
5 fruit snacks $2/$2.25 = $10/$11.25

use (2) $.75 off cake mix & frosting
use (2) $.50/2 fruit snacks

Pay $17.50 & get back $16 in CATS = $1.50 net
($10 CAT for GM, $3 CAT for frosting, & $3 CAT for fruit snacks)

Lotsa Multigrain Cheerios from Jana

7 MG cheerios (don’t remember the spread, but could look if anyone is interested) Used .75/1 IP, 2 – $1.50/3 that spit out along with the catalina

Paid: 56 cents and got $10 OYNO

More Multigrain Cheerios, from Steph

Multi grain cheerios scenarios – one is a MM!
This is what I did today:

4 multi-grain cheerios 3.95 / 2 = 15.80 / 8
5 GG veggies 2 / 1 = 10 / 5
= 25.80 / 13

used 2 x $1/2 cheerios 9/19 ss, 1 .60/3 GG veggies = 10.40
get back $10 cat, so 0.40 for 4 cheerios and veggies

If I had more coupons, this would be better:

6 multi-grain cheerios 3.95 / 2 = 23.70 / 12
1 GG veggis 2 / 1 = 2 / 1
= 25.70 / 13
use 3 x $1 /2 cheerios 9/19 ss, .50 off 1 GG
= 9.50, get back $10 cat, 0.50 MM!!!

Only pay tax, from Chrystal

6 Pillsbury Sweet Moments refrigerated brownies 3.75/2.50 ea
2 Progresso Vegetable classic soup 2.00/1.00
total 26.50/17.00
4 $1/1 PSM & 2 $1.50/1 PSM
1 $10 ConAgra CAT
OOP $0 got back 2 GM $5 CATS

Another everything free, from Janine

4 frosting
3 SM – Used 3 $1 off coupons from Ultrafoods blinkie
2 Duncan hines brownies
Paid 12.85 – I think – can’t rememebr exact total got $13 back

Several ideas from CL

9 Progresso Classic soups ( garden vegetable, Hearty tomato) 18/9 – 3 ($1/3q)=6
3 CTC cereal 8.25/6.00 – 3($1q)=3
1 Gain dish soap sale 2.00 – $1q
total ($10.51) – $10 cat = only payed the .51 tax oop

Progresso soups coupons and CTC cereal coupons came from the Better at tHome Booklets!

#2 same as above

#3 7 Pillsbury simply cookies chocolate
26.25/$17.50 – 7 ($1) = $10.50 = .39 tax= $10.89 – $10 cat=.89 oop

And two from Jane

13 cans soup prog total $13.23 used 10.00 cat and 3 1.00/4 cans
total .23 and got 10.00 cat
9 boxes cheerios $2.75 each used 3 q 1.00/3
1 prog soup total 19.33 used 10 cat total 6.33 and got 10 cat

Lots of cereal from Christine

4 Multi grain Cheerios
4 Reeses
Total $16.28
Used 4 $1/2 coupons Total $12.28
Paid $10 CAT, $2.28 OOP got $10 CAT back.

Two from Ginny

4 gogurt 2.50/3.50
2 sweet moments 2.50/3.75
2 gg box veg 1.00/2.00
used 2 1.00/2, 2 1.50/2, and 1 1.00/2
total 11.00 got 10.00 CAT

4 frosting 1.50/2.25
4 cake mix 1.00/1.50
5 fruit snax 2.00/2.50
Used 2 .75/2 and 2 .50/2
total 16.50 got 10.00 CAT, 3.00 CAT, and 3.00 CAT

Soup soup soup from Dawn

Did 4 rounds of 13 cans of Progresso – on two of them I had enough $1/4 coupons to make them free after the $10 CAT. On the last two I paid a total of $4 OOP. I’m so excited, this is my families favorite soup and now we have enough to last all winter for almost nothing!

Sugar sugar sugar from Kim (KC)

4 Refrigerated Pills Cookies Used 2 $.55/1 and 1 $1/2
4 Fruit Snacks used 2 $.50/1
(BTW this was my first EVER Double dip so makes up some of the hurt over no chocolate for me…)

oops I forgot to add the GG veggies I bought cause the deal I had was exactly $25 so I threw it in to be sure and used a $.50/1.. Paid a little over $6 and got $12 back… oh yeh one more thing… I used a $10 cat from the GG deal to bring the total down…

A couple from Belinda

Two deals last night

2 boxes CTC 2/$4 , 2/$5.50
2 boxes Fruit by foot 2/$4, 2/$5
2 boxes Fruit snacks 2/$4, 2/$5
6 GG veggies

coupons – GG .60, Fruit snacks .50,50, .65 .65 and 10 ConAgra cat

Also bought avocados, Milk,bread and bananas – paid $23 oop and then later realized that the avocados had rung up at 11.94 AFter a trip to CS, Got $10+ back from CS, which made this around 13 oop with 2 $5 cats and a $2 cat back – or about 1.50 net

2 Pizza Rolls $1 / $2each ($4)
2 Cheerios 2/$4 , 2/5.50
1 Reese 1/2 1/2.95
5 CTC 2/4 2/5.50 (5/13.75)

Total 18.41 /26.20
Coupons = Totinos $1/2, CTC .55, $1,$1,$1 and 2 $5 coupons from above & $2 from above

total OOP 1.86 and $10 in Cats still to spend!

One from April

8 Green Giants
2 Pillsbury pie crusts
1 Sweet Moments


(4) $1/2
(1) $1/2
(1) $1/1 coupons

50 cents overage, so I got one lemon at 66 Cents

Payed 16 cents + tax + got a lecture from cashier that nobody wants to pay any money anymore. I was polite enought and didn’t ask if she would like to pay.

Jenny emailed one from Jill Cataldo’s site

4 frosting $6.00.
6 brownie mix, $6.00.
1 Progresso soup, $1.00.

= $13.00 get $13.00 back!

One I put together for my friend who wanted frosting, cake mix, and Golden Grahams

4 Betty Crocker frosting, $6.00.
4 Betty Crocker cake mix, $4.00.
3 Golden Grahams, $6.00.
1 can Progresso soup, $1.00.

= $17.00. Use four $.75 off cake mix + frosting from the 10/3 GM and $1.00/3 Golden Grahams from the 10/3 GM and you’re at $13.00 with $13.00 back!

A bunch from Lisa!

I did 6 trans. today
7 brownies
4 frosting
pay $13 + tax get back 13

3 X’s
7 simply choc. chip cookies (-#7 $1/1)
pay $10.50+ tax get back $10

1 time
4 totinos pizza rolls -$1/4
9 GG veggies (out of coups but cant hack 13 pizza rolls in the freezer).
pay $12+ tax
get back 10

all in all, today I got
14 brownie mixes (pantry bound)
8 BC frosting (I wanted this outta the deal)
21 simply choc.chip cookies
9 GG veggies
4 totinos pizza rolls
AND a bag of M&M’s for Ms. 4 who was sooooo good while we were at Jewel for an hour!

$5.16 OOP not bad eh?

A bunch from kensbaby93

8 transactions were as follows

did this one twice
4 cake mix
4 frosting
4 fruit snacks
$0.75/ cake mix and frosting x4
$1/2 fruit snacks on box of pizza rolls x2 = $13 and get back 2 $5 cats , $3 cat for the frosting and $2 cat for fruit snacks

did this one 4 times
13 progresso soup
-$1/4 Progresso soup x 3
=$10 and got back 2-$5 cats (actually threw in a banana so balance would not be 0 and I could still get pot stamp)

did this one twice

11 Betty crocker brownie
no coupons used..paid $11 and get back 2 $5 cats=$1

A couple from Jenni

Round 1:
10 Totinos Pizza Rolls $1/$2 Used four $1/2 and one .50/2 q’s
2 Toaster Streudel $2.50/$2.90 Used $1/2 from $70 Dom’s booklet I tossed in a bag of honey roasted peanuts to make it to $10, but I didn’t? (Found out later it didn’t ring up!) Paid with $5 cat and $4.56. Got back $10.

Rounds 2 and 3: (were identical)
4 BC Frosting (I won’t list the spread for the 1,000th time :)
4 Gushers (Used two $1/2 from back of Totinos)
2 Pillsbury Crescent Rolls $2/$3.69 (Used $1/2 from Dom’s $70 booklet)

Paid with $15 in cats and the EXACT sales tax: 68 cents :) Got back $15 in cats.

Two more from Coupon Princess

The best I could come up with without the high value coupons is:

8 Prog. Soups $8/$16
2 Kix 4/$6.98
1 Reese Puffs $2/$2.99
minus (1) $1/3 Cereal Q, (2) $1/4 Soup Q’s- $10 cat=
$1 OOP plus tax


4 Frostings $6/$9
3 Kix $6/$10.47
3 Brownies $3/$7.20
Use (1) $1/3 Cereal Q- $10 cat=
$14 plus tax, Get back $10 and $3 for frosting!
Net $1 plus Tax!

And a couple from Gina

Here are my scenarios

4 sweet moments brownies $15.00/$10.00
1 GG veggie 2.00/$1.00
3 Cherrios $8.25/6.00
Total 25.25/17.00

4- $1.00/1 SM;3-.75/1 Cherrios;2-$5.00 Cats
oop $.75 + tax + 1.05

6 Crescent rolls 19,50/12.00
2 Biscuit 5.00/2.50
1 Progresso 2.00/1.00
total 26.50/15.50

Coupons:3- 1.00/2 crescent; 1-1.00/2 biscuits; 2-$5 cats
oop 1.50 + tax= 1.77

6 GG veggies 12.00/6.00
4 GoGurt 14.00/10.00
total 26.00/16.00

coupons 3-$1/2 veggies, 2- $1/2 gogurt. 2-$5 cats
oop $1.00 + tax .28= $1.28

Some ideas from Matt if you need flour — we haven’t seen a lot of Gold Medal scenarios, so check these out!

6 Pillsbury Sweet Moments 22.50/15.00
2 Cheerios 5.50/4
1 Gold Medal Flour 3.25/2
Used 6 $1.50 offs for Sweet Moments and 2 $1 offs for the Cheerios.
Roll the 2 $5 OYNO
$0 plus tax is $.37

6 Pillsbury Sweet Moments 22.50/15
2 Gold Medal Flour 6.50/4
Used 6 $1.50 offs for Sweet Moments
Roll the 2 $5 OYNO
$0 plus tax

A scenario that I didn’t try, but would work is
2 Pillsbury Sweet Moments 7.50/5
8 Betty Crocker brownie mixes 19.20/8
Use 2 $1.50 offs for Sweet Moments
Roll the 2 $5 OYNO
$0 plus tax

A scenario I am considering is
10 Pillsbury Grands 25/12.50
Use 5 $1 off 2 from Dom’s
Pay $7.50
You could do a GoGurt for $2.50 or anything else in the store.
Roll the 2 $5 OYNO
$0 plus tax

One more from Matt

A small money maker would be
4 Frostings 9.16/6
1 Green Giant 2/1
4 Sweet Moments 15/10
Total of 26.16/17
Use $.50 off GG and 4 $1.50 off SM
Pay $.50 after rolling 2 $5 off 5s
Receive $5, $5 and $3 OYNO.

Angel Soft bonus packs are now working!

Thanks to the many of you who commented and emailed that the “20% more bonus” packs of 12-pack Angel Soft tissue are now finally working for the ConAgra deal at Jewel. So here’s your best scenario.

If you’re new, please read How Catalinas Work at Jewel and What if My Catalina Doesn’t Print? before proceeding. It is important information and will make the below much less confusing.

  • Buy six Healthy Choice soup cans ($5.28/$17.34) + one 12-roll pack of Angel Soft tissue ($5.99/$8.29). Use $.50/1 Angel Soft from the 9/19 RP or print $1.00/1 here (ZIP 03110). Pay $11.27 (minus $1.00 or $.50 depending on the coupon you have — so $10.27 or $10.77 + tax) and get back $10.00 for ConAgra. That’s some darn cheap toilet paper, folks!

This deal runs through Wednesday 10/13.

Official Jewel P&G scenarios post 9/28/10

I thought I’d pull out some P&G scenarios from your comments to get us started — if you have done a great deal or come up with a good scenario, please share here! Note: The coupons from the 8/29 PG expire on 9/30/10, so some of these scenarios won’t work after Thurs. 9/30.

Scenario one, from Christy

My scenario: 1 Bounty 8-roll, 1 Charmin TP, 2 Pringles chips and 1 Dawn Hand Renewal. Sale price $30.43, preferred price $22.48. Used $1/1 on the Bounty and Charmin (from P&G coupon book), $1/1 Dawn (from Homemade Simple book), $1/2 Pringles (P&G book) and had $1 on Bounty on Avenu. Paid $17.48 and got the $10 cat for a net cost of $7.48.

Scenario two, from RDietz

I did the following transaction yesterday: Four Always Ultra thin 36 ct + 3 bonus Infinity and two Cascade action packs 20 ct. I used four $2/1 Always from the 9/26 PG and two $.50/1 Cascade from Home Made Simple booklets that I had. Paid $23.11 and got back $10.

Scenario three, from me

3 12-roll Charmin, $20.97. Used three $.25/1 from the 8/29 PG.
2 pourable Mr. Clean, $5.00. Used BOGO from the 8/29 PG and $.75/1 from the Home Made Simple booklet.

One Mr. Clean would have pushed me over on ring price — the pre-preferred price of the Charmin was $8.99 and pre-preferred Mr. Clean $3.85. But since I had the BOGO coupon, might as well get two! $21.97 + tax, and I got $10.00 back for P&G, making it net $11.97 + tax for the lot.

Scenario four — Mr. Clean scenario

Now if you just wanted Mr. Clean pourable … buy eight bottles. At a pre-preferred price of $3.85, that makes them $30.80 ring price/$20.00 preferred price. As always, double check ring price at your store. Use four BOGO coupons and you’re paying $10.00 and getting $10.00 back. (And if you have the $.75/1 from Home Made Simple, use those on the other four bottles.) Free Mr. Clean!

Scenario five — what I should actually have done to bring down the price of Charmin

Did this one this morning:

Charmin, $6.99. Used $.25/1 from the 8/29 PG.
6 pourable Mr. Clean, $15.00. Used three BOGO from the 8/29 PG plus three $.75/1 from Home Made Simple booklets.

Paid with a $10.00 Catalina from transaction one and $3.69 out of pocket. Got back a $10.00 Catalina for P&G, so net cost $3.69.

Scenario six, from Missy

I did 3 charmin @ $20.97, 1 charmin moist wipes @ 2.99. Use a free wipe coupon when buy t.p., plus 2-$1 coupon from P&G inside a pampers diapers box, and 1 .50 from newspaper. Total=18.57 -10cat =8.57 oop

Scenario seven, from me

6 Mr. Clean magic eraser, $15.00. Used six $1.00/1 from the 8/29 PG.
2 pourable Mr. Clean, $5.00. Used BOGO from the 8/29 PG and $.75/1 from a Home Made Simple booklet.

So that’s $10.75+tax get back $10.00 for a net cost of $.75 + tax!

Scenario 8, from Lisa A.

I did the blackbelt deal (from with the liquid Tide and it worked! I bought 2 Tide Free liquid @ 9.99 each and 1 can of Pringles for a total of 23.43 with tax and got the $10 cat back! YEAH

[Note: The ring price on the liquid Tide is lower than on the powder Tide, and they vary by store! At most stores, two powder Tide get you over $30 pre-preferred price; two liquid will not so you'll need another item. Use your $2.00/1 coupons from various fall magazines for an even better deal.]

Scenario 9, from Silvia

Hi this is my deal:

2 Nice and Easy Grey Solution (Interviewing Godness knows I need it!) ($11.98)
4 Mr. Clean Eraser ($10.00)
4 Oral B Indicator Toothbrush ($10.00)

Before q 31.98

1-MQ from 8/29 PG for Nice and Easy 5.00 off of 2
3-Mr. Clean 2 for .75 and one for 1.00 from decor and organize books
2-BOGO Oral B from 8/15 RP

After q= 19.48 and then I rolled the $10q from another recent deal therefore total OOP is 9.48. I got back 2.oo cat and a 10.oo cat

Scenario 9, from Deanna

Bounty reg $14.99/ pref $9.99/ after avenu $8.99 Bounty reg $14.99/ pref $9.99/ after avenu $8.99 Pringles reg $1.75/ pref $1.50 Oop= $19.48 ( I’m ignoring tax as my $4/$40 basically cancelled that out) Net after $10 cat= $9.48 for 16 giant rolls bounty & 1 pringles.

I could have done better using Mr. Clean but don’t use it and needed paper towels.

Blew my budget on coffee and TP shopping 9/28/10


Just a couple of highlights. First, Coffee.

Starbucks and Maxwell House and instant savings, oh my!

This illustrates the commutative property of instant deals. Those of you who did the Culinary Circle pizza deal at Jewel a little while back will be familiar with this one — remember where the advertised deal was: Buy five 2-liters of Coke, get a free pizza? But it worked when you bought two pizzas and no Coke, effectively making the pizza buy one, get one free?

Well, the same principle is in play here. The advertised deal: Buy Starbucks or Maxwell House coffee at $6.99, get a free General Mills cereal through tomorrow 9/29. Here’s what actually happens: Every time you hit a certain dollar amount on these coffees and/or cereal, it triggers an instant $2.50 discount — or the cost of one cereal. It’s triggering at every $9.49 you spend, or the cost of one coffee+one cereal. All the register knows is that these UPCs (of the coffees and of the GM cereals) work for instant savings, and every X dollars spent = Y dollars of instant savings. (Note: This does not appear to be working with the natural fusions Sbucks.)

So anyway… let’s say you’re drowning in cereal and just want coffee. Here, I bought six Starbucks coffees at $6.99 each = $41.94. This triggers four instant discounts of $2.50 each, because I hit the $9.49 threshold four times (4*$9.49=$37.96, and I’m well over that). You can try this at self-checkout, and you’ll see the first $2.50 come off as “Free General Mills cpn” as soon as you scan the second coffee. So that made my six bags of coffee $31.94, or $5.32 each. You can do this with either Starbucks or Maxwell House, and there’s a $1.00/1 Starbucks in the 9/12 SS and a $1.00/1 Maxwell House here or from the Taste of a Winning Season booklet found at Jewel. With the $1.00/1 coupons and buying six coffees, you’re at $4.32 each — which is OK for Maxwell House but pretty darn good for Starbucks (and the free tall coffee coupons are still on the bags!).

P&G and bonus scenario

My P&G Catalina portion of the trip:

3 12-roll Charmin, $20.97. Used three $.25/1 from the 8/29 PG.
2 pourable Mr. Clean, $5.00. Used BOGO from the 8/29 PG and $.75/1 from the Home Made Simple booklet.

One Mr. Clean would have pushed me over on ring price — the pre-preferred price of the Charmin was $8.99 and pre-preferred Mr. Clean $3.85. But since I had the BOGO coupon, might as well get two! Anyway, that portion of the trip was $21.97, and I got $10.00 back for P&G, making it net $11.97 for the lot.

Now if you just wanted Mr. Clean … buy eight bottles. At a pre-preferred price of $3.85, that makes them $30.80 ring price/$20.00 preferred price. As always, double check ring price at your store. Use four BOGO coupons and you’re paying $10.00 and getting $10.00 back. (And if you have the $.75/1 from Home Made Simple, use those on the other four bottles.) Free Mr. Clean!

The rest

Just bought some of the sale produce and four Mrs. T’s pierogies, which are BOGO at $3.49, so I used four $1.00/1 from the $70 savings booklet from Dom’s + printables to get them for $.75 each.

Kraft Catalina — finally in Thursday’s Jewel ad

The Kraft Catalina running at Jewel through 9/9 is finally advertised in this week’s ad. Here are some products, prices, and coupon matchups for Thursday, although note that Some of the prices are already valid (I saw cheese 2/$4.00 yesterday, for instance). Here’s the UPC list on Jill Cataldo’s site. Again, this one is buy five participating items, get $5.00 off on your next order and they’ll donate five meals to Feeding America.

  • Cool Whip, 5/$5.00. Well, that’s an easy freebie — buy five for $5.00, get $5.00 back! (What you do with five Cool Whip is your own business :) )
  • Kraft dressing, $1.99. Use $1.00/2 in the Kraft taste of a winning season coupon booklet or $.55/1 from the 8/29 SS.
  • Kraft 22-30 oz mayo or miracle whip, $2.99. Now, starting 9/6 there is also a separate Catalina deal — get $.50 wyb a 30 oz+ Kraft mayo. $1.00/2 in the taste of a winning season booklet. Print $1.00/2 here.
  • Kraft natural chunk or shredded cheese, 2/$4.00. Print $1.00/2 here. And print $5.00/5 here! (Thanks, Kim) — free cheese!
  • Maxwell House or Yuban coffee, $5.99. Use $1.00/1 in taste of a winning season booklet. Print $1.00/2 here. Overlapping Catalina starting 9/6: Buy two, get $1.00 OYNO.
  • Kraft singles, 2/$5.00 (!).
  • Capri Sun, Sunrise, or Roaring Waters, $1.99. Use the no-longer-available $1.00/2 printable.
  • Fun pack lunchables, $2.49. $1.00/2 “with water” in the 8/22 SS or, if included.
  • Oscar Mayer meat bologna or cotto salami, $1.99.
  • Oscar Mayer hot dogs, 2/$4.00. Print $1.00/1 Oscar Mayer on (33313).
  • Planters peanuts, $2.49.
  • Planters mixed nuts or cashew halves, $2.99.
  • Crystal Light on the go sticks 7-10 count, $1.79. I found tearpads at Jewel last week for $2.00 off bottled water wyb 2 Crystal Light on the go drink mixes.

Some scenario ideas

  1. Update: Rachael points out these are one per transaction. So… you could buy two Crystal Light and mix/match with some of the other items (cool whip, whatever), plus 4 aquapods and use the $2.00 off water plus the $1.50/2 aquapods…. If you also found the $2.00 off bottled water wyb Crystal Light go packs, what I am thinking is that you could combine those with the Aquapod deal starting 9/6 if you have rain checks for the $1.00 price. Like, say: Buy four on-the-go sticks for $7.16 plus, say, a cool whip for $1.00 = $8.16. Also buy four Aquapods (with a rain check for the current $1.00 price, if your store is out and you get one!). Use two $2.00 tearpad coupons to get the Aquapods for free. Pay $8.16 and get $8.00 back — $5.00 for Kraft and $3.00 for Ice Mountain. That’s free water, Crystal Light, and cool whip — assuming that you have both tearpad coupons and rain checks.
  2. Buy five Cool Whip for $5.00, get $5.00 back, free Cool Whip.
  3. Buy five Oscar Mayer hot dogs for $10.00. Use five $1.00/1 printables (will need access to three computers). Pay $5.00, get $5.00 back, free hot dogs.
  4. Buy five Kraft shredded or chunk cheese for $10.00. Use two $1.00/2 printables. Pay $8.00 with $5.00 back for a net cost of $3.00 for 5 packs, or $.60 each. OR use the new $5.00/5 printable and get FREE CHEESE!

More ideas? Please comment here!

Lisle Depot attendees — A couple of easy scenarios to start with

Thanks for coming out to see me at the Lisle Depot Museum today! Here’s your quick guide to a couple of easy beginner deals to start with this week:


  1. Head here and print yourself a buy one, get one free coupon for Athenos hummus. Hit your “back” button three times to print it again. Go to Jewel and use these two coupons to buy four Athenos hummus, which is buy one, get one free through Wednesday. Pay just tax.
  2. Head here and print yourself a $1.00/2 Prego pasta sauce coupon. Go to Jewel and buy two jars, on sale this week for $.99 each. Pay $.98+tax for two jars after coupon.
  3. Now you have paid $.98+tax for two jars of pasta sauce and 4 containers of hummus. Happy couponing! :)

CVS — This doesn’t start til tomorrow 8/1/10

  1. Make sure you have a CVS card. If not, sign up in store. (Then sign up online for CVS emails, and they’ll send you a $4.00/$20.00 purchase coupon!)
  2. Buy a Sunday paper. (I’d recommend more than one this week, because there are four coupon inserts.)
  3. First, buy a Gillette Fusion ProGlide at $9.79. Use your $4.00 coupon, pay $5.79, get back $5.00 Extra care Bucks (ECB).
  4. Then, buy a gallon of Dean’s milk at $2.79 and a tube of Colgate Total toothpaste for $2.99. Print a $.75/1 Colgate coupon here, which brings you down to $5.03. Use the $5.00 ECB from the razor, pay $.03+tax, and get back $3.00 ECB.
  5. Now you have paid $5.82+tax for a razor, a tube of toothpaste, and a gallon of milk — and you still have $3.00 ECB left to use next week! That’s like the whole mess cost you $2.82.

New Dairy Catalina scenarios

Thought I’d start a new post for the Jewel Dairy Catalina scenarios using current prices, since so many switched over Sunday and the new coupons came out. It looks like these are continuing in the Thurs. ad. Also check the 6/6 SS for coupons for a bunch of different kinds of Dannon yogurt, which match up really nicely. Here are the two I did today — now add yours! Here is the post with the earlier scenarios, which you can still run with.

Land o’ Lakes/Dan-o-nino/Frigo scenario

Land o’ lakes spreadable butter with olive oil, $1.99. Used $.50/1 from the Dominick’s “add dairy” booklet.
3 Dan-o-nino, $6.00. Used three $1.50/1 from the 6/6 SS. (Yup, needed more papers this week.) There’s also $1.00/1 here.
1 Frigo cheese heads, $3.49. Used $1.00/1 printable.

Paid with $5.00 Kraft Catalina and $.68 on gift card. Got back $5.00 Dairy Catalina. Net cost: $.68. These Dan-o-nino are crazy tiny! Mr. 3 ate two in about one minute and asked for more.

Breakstone/Activia/Frigo scenario

2 Breakstone sour cream, $1.98. Used $1.00/2 from the Dominick’s “add dairy” booklet.
2 Activia, $4.00. Used two $1.00/1 from the 6/6 SS. (Hmm, maybe I should’ve bought more papers.)
1 Frigo Cheese Heads, $3.49. Used $1.00/1 printable.

Paid with a $5.00 Catalina and $.64 on gift card, got back $5.00 for the Dairy deal. Net cost: $.64.

Dole Sensation, from Lori

Jewel has the Dole Sensation watermelon or lime-aid juice on sale for $1.99, and they are part of the dairy deal. use 5 $1/1 making it $4.95 plus tax. get $5 dairy cat back : ) free juice! (not sure which paper date it was the spanish ones)

That was the 5/2 SS Espanol.

All Dan-o-nino, from Matt

It’s on the Jewel Dairy list, it’s on sale for $2 and there are $1.50 off coupons from the paper on Sunday. Pay $2.50 OOP and get back $5.

[coupon in the 6/6 SS. Some regions got $1.50/2, we got $1.50/1 in Chicago, so be careful if you're buying coupons online that you get $1.50/1.]

Your scenario here!

Comment, let’s keep this going! :)

GM scenarios for the week of 5/13 — Jewel

Here is your official scenarios post for the General Mills Catalina deal currently running at Jewel. I’ll start, and then as you add yours in comments I’ll get them added here. (Mine would also have gone better had a yogurt not hidden in the corner of my cart, causing me to miss scanning it and miss my extra $2.00, but it all worked out in the end.) Watch the expiration dates if you’re buying Yoplait — I found several on the shelf today that expired in March!

For coupon matchups and printables, see the original GM post. Also: Be sure to check the “sale” prices at your own store, as these sometimes vary by store.

A Suddenly Salad scenario

7 Suddenly Salad, $7.00. (Ring price: $2.95, so $20.65 pre-preferred card price. As always, check that ‘sale’ price at your store.) Use seven $.40/1: Print $.40/1 on Print $.40/1 on Betty Crocker. Print $.40/1 on Pillsbury. Print $.40/1 on Box Tops 4 Education. Print $.40/1 at Target. Pay $4.20+tax and get back $5.00 + 50 bonus Box Tops 4 Education; you make $.80.

A Yoplait + Suddenly Salad scenario

3 Suddenly Salad, $3.00 (ring price: $8.85). Use three $.40/1 printables (above) = $1.80.
20 Yoplait yogurt cups, $10.00 (ring price: $13.60). Use three $.50/6 at Target. OR, $.40/6 in the 3/21 and 4/18 SS. $.40/6 and $.50/8 in the 4/25 SS, $1.00/8 in the Eat Better America booklet or printable (no longer available). With three $.50/6 = $8.50.

Pay $10.30+tax. Get back $5.00 for GM, 50 bonus BTFE, and $2.00 for buying 20 Yoplait for a net cost of $3.30.

Two scenarios from Christy

10 Yoplait Yogurts
4 Suddenly Salad
2 Betty Crocker Potato Pouches

Used $1.00/8 yogurt, four 0.40 off Salad and $1.00/2 potato pouches. Paid with a $4 and $2 cat and .98 and I got $5 back.

2 CTC Cereals
5 Suddenly Salad

Used two 0.55 off CTC coupons and four 0.40 off salad. Paid with a $5 cat and $1.28 and got the $5 cat.

It’s not free but great prices! I did a little better on the second round because I had some great Post cereal coupons and made money on those, which helped pay for the CTC [Cinnamon Toast Crunch] my kids love so much!

A Cookie Crisp scenario from Kate G

5 boxes of Cookie Crisp=$21.45 sale price/$9.95 preferred price
Used 2 $1/2 GM cereals coupons.
Paid $7.95, got back $5. Net $2.95 plus 50 box tops for 5 boxes :)

Your turn!

Edy’s try something new deal — possible rebate

Over at Coupons, Deals, and More she has a post up about a no-form needed rebate on Dreyer’s. Over in our neck of the woods, Dreyer’s is branded as Edy’s. So… I’d suspect this would work on the products we’ve been buying in the buy $12 get $4.00 back OYNO “try something new” Catalina at Jewel — but no guarantees. If it doesn’t work, you’re out a stamp.

Rebate deal

Send: Original CRT dated between 4/28 – 5/10/10 with $12 worth of Dryers, Häagen-Dazs, Nestle, Eskimo Pie, Frosty Paws or Skinny Cow product prices circled along with the completed form or a 3″x5″ card with your name, address, phone number and option email.

Receive: $4

Mail to:

Ice Cream Rebate Offer
PO Box 470829
El Paso TX 88547-0829

Postmarked by 6/10/10

Bonus scenarios

You have some time, guys, because this is also in Thursday’s ad — but some of the prices will change. So… here are a couple more scenarios to add to the batch from this morning.

From Christy (and, coincidentally, exactly what I did myself today since I had a $1.50/2 that printed at Dominick’s when I did … the B&J? Starbucks ice cream? deal there)

Did a different combination today. I bought 2 boxes Edy’s Fruit Bars (12 ct) and 1 Dibs. Used $1 off Dibs [5/2 SS] and a $1.50/2 Edy’s cat coupon from Jewel. Paid with $4 cat and $1.61 and got another $4 cat. Great price for these no-sugar fruit bars that my kids love! If you didn’t get the $1.50/2 cat from Jewel, there’s a $1/2 in the May All You.

[This works with the little Dibs cartons, because the pre-preferred price on the fruit bars is $4.39 and the pre-preferred on the $2.99 Dibs is $3.99, so you hit over $12 on pre-card prices.]

From dealchaser:

I used my Edy’s and Skinny Cow Freezer Q’s in the mix and I also got a cat Q a few weeks ago for a BOGO on the Eddy’s mini cups.  In the end I paid for 1 box of drumsticks – $1Q and got $4 back – good deal.

2 Edy’s mini Frozen yogurt cups 1.69/1 – used freebe Q plus BOGO (so 2 free)
1 Skinny cow 5.99/3.99 – used Freebe
1 DrumStick 3.39/2.49 – $1 Q

Paid 1.49 plus tax and got back $4!