Reader deals 9/14/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

If you are sharing a deal from another site or an online coupon, please include the link. If you found a deal at a specific store, please include the location.

  • *** Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.

Chicago Tribune

  • Nancy R comments: “Chicago Tribune – bumped up to $32.00 for 12 weeks (Wed/Thur/Fri/Sun). Called and cancelled as we don’t read enough of it to justify the cost. Finally the rep let me cancel and offered me “FREE” valu pack savings every Sunday, even after I cancel. Got the first value pack today delivered with my paper (My subscription ends next week). Got the Sun- time coupons in the valu pack = free coupons for canceling the tribune!”


  • From Pam: “Mahatma rice is included in the Kroger buy 5, save $5. I think the price is $1.19, after discount, use the new $.50/1 coupon and pay $.69 for 2 lbs of rice!”


  • Kerri shares: “I am loving the new set up of these rewards! Plus when you complete the reward, the same one shows up again!! (maybe a higher $ threshold, I’m not sure) that way if there is another health or beauty deal, you can use it again!!” Great to know!
  • And Melissa reports: “They do have an expiration date but I have found with the new mperks it is very generous. All of the ones I have earned this month don’t expire until 11/11/14.”

Reader requests

  • VB asks: “So in 2012 We bought our kids the Nabi tablets and purchased the warranties for them. Luckily we did since it looks like there is a flaw in the port connection that doesn’t allow them to charge without applying pressure. Anyway we are getting our money refunded (thank you warranty!) and I have decided to buy the kids an Ipad mini to replace the tablets. What we liked about the nabi’s is that they were very kid durable. Does anyone have recommendations on cases for ipad minis to make them more child proof?”
  • Kari O. responds: “Lifeproof. Expensive but worth every penny. My five year old and two year old haven’t destroyed or even scratched our iPad and it’s been 1.5 years. It’s even waterproof too. :)”
  • Shandelle is wondering: “Question for ladies. I finally found the $3.49 smaller packs of Tena restocked at my Target and got 8 tonight. Has anyone else used these for menstruation? I know they’re intended for incontinence but honestly would they work ok like normal pads? Just curious if anyone else has ever tried. This is my first time ever doing a free Tena deal so I don’t know anything about how well they’re made.”
  • Kari O.’s opinion: “It’s useable but definitely stiff and feels like you’re wearing a diaper. I donated all my mm tena to a worthy grandma.”

Sam’s Club

  • Caroline posts on Facebook: “I went to the Sam’s open house and had the same experience as the first person that posted. Waited forever then most of the stuff they used to carry and the only reason I went was no longer being carried. The store was a mess. Thankfully there is Costco. Much better experience.


  • Faith on Facebook found: ” At my Target (Central Indiana) Mead college-ruled composition books were marked down to nine cents. Plus, I had one of the $1.00 off any Mead coupons left, which came off, so 11 of them were free!
  • An idea from Ashley: “PM COD Ghosts to Amazon. In same transaction add a $1 reservation card and pay $2.69!

Friday freebies for your cards — Yogurt and Jell-O


Here are your Friday freebies for your loyalty cards. First up on SavingStar, load 100% back when you buy one 3 oz box of Jell-O through 8/17/14. You can also load the healthy deal of the week, which is 20% back on cherries.


And if you have a Kroger or Food 4 Less card today, you can load a free Yoplait yogurt today and redeem through 6/30.

Friday freebies — Scott bath tissue, Zico coconut water


Here are the Friday Freebies for your cards! First on SavingStar, load 100% back on one single roll of unscented Scott 1000 bath tissue through 7/13.


Then, those of you with a Kroger card can load one free Zico 14 oz coconut water. Load today and redeem through 7/26.