Friday freebies for your cards — Protein bar or Kit-Kat bar

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Two Friday Freebies today!

Reader Deals 6/12/15

Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure and disclaimer here.


Reader Deals 6/12/15: Here are the deals, heads up, and requests you shared over the last 24 hours — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

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  • Anyone have luck with the Weight Watchers smoothie offer? Jane asks: “How much are they running? I looked at Jewel in the freezer and could not find these. Either by the other WW desserts or by the frozen fruit/smoothies. Anyone know?”
  • And Chris comments: “Found 3 flavors at Jewel by the WW frozen dinners, on sale for $2. Scanned all 3 barcodes but none matched , so didn’t but them”



  • SoapboxTray shares: “Thought I would try deal from Hip2Save. People posting said that it wasn’t working in certain areas but it worked! Regular price 3.59 I bought 2 (offer limit) had 25% off CVS Q came to 6.38+tax and received a $6. ECB. 38¢ for 8 travel tubes (.75oz).”


  • A find from belinda: “Andy’s Frozen Custard is giving away free one topping sundaes today (Friday 6/12) ! Kids had a play date and 6 of us got custard for free, with no wait time!”


  • On the Bistro Bowls deal, Eun is wondering: “Anyone try this with co51’s salad mix offer?”
  • Fran comments: “I had a problem at Jewel today using the Tru Whip coupon. Their concern was that it looked like a copy, plus it doesn’t have a watermark. Both of these issues are caused by the fact that the coupon is a pdf file. They ended up taking it, but I had to talk them into it. Once I got into the car I called the 1-800 number on the coupon. The woman who answered assured me that the coupon is legit and can be used at any grocery store. Just a heads up for anyone wanting to use it as YMMV.”
  • Diane also had trouble: “Did anyone have trouble with their Tru Whip coupon not scanning at Jewel? Thanks!”
  • Jane replies: “When I got mine, it did not scan but that is because it is a penny overage. My veteran checker STILL did not know how to put this coupon thru, so she adjusted it down to $1.99 and I just shut my mouth. Free is FREE, so I am not going to haggle for a penny. But this still bugs me that they don’t know the policy and the registers never allow a coupon for over the amount. I don’t think this being a PDF had a thing to do with it.”
  • A couple of people commented on also finding the 3/$1.00 portobello price at their Jewel — check yours!


  • On the earlier Keurig Mini question, Cheryl L. shares: “Best Buy’s website has them for $89.99 and free s/h over $35. And Amazon’s price was $91.99 but their prices fluctuate.”



  • On the Walmart Simply Tide deal, Jennifer comments: “This is the regular price @ Menards. Literally JUST bought it today…AND didn’t have to go to WallyWorld. Win-Win!!!

New Balance

  • SoapboxTray recommends the today-only running shoe deal: “I have a pair of these in black and just ordered these. Great price, and I wore my black ones all through Yellowstone National Park the summer before last and they were awesome. Thanks for posting!!”
  • And jane asks: “Were they good for walking/hiking then, as well as running?”


  • If you printed the Oreos and milk coupon yesterday (no longer available), Julie and Kelly point out that it should work well with the buy four Oreos get a free gallon of milk offer this week at Target.

Vera Bradley

Friday freebies for your cards — Tea and Smoothie

Posts on Mashup Mom may contain affiliate links. Please see disclosure and disclaimer here.


Here are the Friday freebies to load to your store loyalty cards — And a SavingStar freebie is back today!