Hy-Vee deals week of 4/16/14 – 4/22/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 4/16/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

  • HyVee canned vegetables $0.29 each limit 6
  • Midwest County Fare sugar $0.99 limit 2
  • Betty Crocker Potatoes 10/$10 Use the $0.50/2 here making these $1.50 for 2
  • Claussen Pickles $2.99 $0.55/1 coupon here making this $2.44
Top Fuel Saver deals
  • HyVee white dinner rolls 12 ct 3/$4 and earn $0.03 off of gas wyb 3
  • HyVee Pretzels 2/$3 and earn $0.04 off of gas wyb 2
  • Knorr sides 10/$10 and earn $0.10 off of gas wyb 10
  • Donut House, Eight O Clock Coffee, Celestial Seasonings or Bigelow Tea 12 ct k cups $5.99 and earn $0.10 off of gas $1.75/1 Bigelow Tea K Cup coupon here, $1.75/1 Celestial Seasonings K Cup coupon here, $1.50/2 K Cups from 3/30 SS makes these as low as $4.24 and earn $0.10 off of gas

Hy-Vee deals week of 4/9/14 – 4/15/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 4/9/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

  • Midwest County Fare light brown or powdered sugar $0.99 ( 2 lb)
  • HyVee boneless skinless chicken breast $1.97 lb
  • In ad coupon for Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 4/$5 Use 2 $0.50/2 here   or two of the $0.50/2 from 3/16 SS making these 4/$4 after coupons
  • In ad coupon for FREE HyVee pasta select varieties 12 or 16 oz wyb 2 Ragu 2/$3
Top Fuel Saver deals
  • Starburst jelly beans, Lifesavers or Skittles 2/$4 and earn $0.02 off of gas wyb 2 Use the $1/2 Starburst Jelly Beans from 3/23 RP making those 2/$3 and $0.02 off of gas
  • Axe Deodorant, antiperspirant or body spray $3.99 and earn $0.03 off of gas Use the $1/1 Axe deodorant from 3/23 RP making this $2.99 and $0.03 off of gas
  • Gatorade 10/$8 and earn $0.10 off of gas wyb 10
  • Blue Bonnet spread sticks $0.88 and earn $0.02 off of gas
  • Dole Classic Iceberg or coleslaw 3/$3 and earn $0.03 off of gas wyb 3

The best of the rest — Purex, Land O Lakes, more


But wait, there’s more! I guess the first of the month is coming a little early in Printable Coupon Land…

Hy-Vee deals week of 3/26/14 – 4/1/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 3/26/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

2 day Sale Thurs and Fri:

  • Midwest County Fare sugar $0.99 limit 2
  • Van Camps pork and beans $0.29
  • Dole Iceberg lettuce head $0.68
  • Hunts Ketchup $0.69
Other deals all week long:
  • Strawberries $1.28 16 oz
  • Kelloggs Pop Tarts $1.48 Check Kelloggs Family Rewards here for $1/3 Check your Checkout 51 account for a $1 offer wyb 2
  • Nabisco, Ritz, Ritz Crackerfuls or snack crackers 2/$4 . If Triscuit is included use the $1/1 here and submit for a $1  Checkout 51 making these free after coupon and Checkout 51
Top Fuel Saver Deals:

Hy-Vee deals week of 3/19/14 – 3/25/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 3/19/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

It’s HyVee Dollar Days this week! The following are included in the $1 sale:

  • Dole premium Classic Salad
  • Ragu Pasta Sauce $1/2 from 3/9
  • Fresh Red Peppers
Other deals:
  • Campbell’s tomato or chicken noodle soup 4/$3 $0.40/3 here
  • In ad coupon for Velvetta $4.99 Also use the $1/1 here
  • In ad coupon for Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs 3/$5 Also use the $1/2 coupon here
Top Fuel Saver Deals:

Reader deals 3/13/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Sandra warns: “I got mayo from Amazon about 2 weeks ago and it had separated probably due to freezing during shipping. Just something to keep in mind depending on where you live. I contacted Amazon and they gave me a refund (even though these items say they are not eligible for return) apology, and assurance it wouldn’t happen again when I told them what had happened. I’m thinking, though, that mayo may not be a good choice to get through the mail.”
  • Tina on Facebook suggests buying yourself a gift [Prime] membership and setting it to deliver after your current one expires, then cancel the current one before the gift one starts.
  • An option from Mari: “For those who think Prime is still expensive, you can share your membership with a friend or family member. I currently am added to my friend’s Prime account (where I guess he has me listed as his brother/sister), and as a sub-member, I am only eligible for the free 2-day shipping/$3.99 1-day (no minimum). This means no free streaming video, but as I have other ways to watch television and movies, I can live without it. We split the cost of Prime down the middle, and it’s a great arrangement as I get much use out of it. Even at full price, it’s totally worth it, IMO.”



  • Outlander comments: “Also use those BOGO Qs for Nutella. They expire 3/15.”


  • A warning from Sandi: “Be careful with these shoes! They are made for speciality runners and only should be worn a short periods at a time until you become used to them. Read the reviews…also there use to be a warning when you placed them in your cart stating this.”




  • An idea from Shirley: “You can also buy 4 Totinos Pizza Rolls for $10. Use $2 in ad coupon and 4 x $1.25 off IP (NLA) to get it for $0.75 each.”

J.C. Penney

  • Allison comments: “JcPennny in Stratford Square mall is closing. Everything is 30% off.”


  • From letsshop on the tiny Tides: “No problems in Countryside or Willow-brook still has display”


Piggly Wiggly

  • Outlander says: “Piggly-Wiggly in Carol Stream opened yesterday 3/11.”

Reader requests

  • From Katharine in Hot Deals: “Has anyone seen a coupon from Office Depot for free printing? They usually have coupon for free printing around tax time. Thanks!”
  • Outlander is wondering: “Is that CB meat any good? What does it compare to? Thanks.”
  • And Maribel asks: “Anyone knows if the Jewel in Elk Grove has any [tiny] tide?”
  • From Nancy: “I would love a few ‘sisters’ to join my family as my [Prime] membership with my other family is not being renewed.  I think the limit is 5 so I am looking for 4 ‘family’ members!”


  • From mary: “I have been a member of [Global Test Market] for a long time, and they do send out a lot of surveys, and you won’t qualify for all, but I have qualified for a ton of them, as well as many at home trials of products. The points you accumulate you can redeem for cash as well.”


  • Kelly on Facebook reports: “”I finally broke down and bought the Belvita Soft Baked breakfast biscuits today at Target because it kept showing up on my Checkout 51 week after week. As someone posted yesterday, it is also on Shopmium and Ibotta. So I bought 1 box for $2.99 (not a sale price) and got back 50 cents from Checkout 51 (mine was good for 1 box, not 2), 75 cents from Ibotta, $1 from Shopmium, and 15 cents for using my Target Redcard (5% off) for a grand total of 59 cents plus tax. It would have been even cheaper if I had remembered to use my Cartwheel! Tried one as soon as I got home–it tastes just like a Fig Newton! Now we’re eating cookies for breakfast!”

Ultra Foods

  • Something susie remembered: “Last week someone on here posted about a catalina that if you buy 10 items we get a $5 OYNO, and I think the fruit snacks were included. If so that could make for some cheap fruit snacks.”
  • And susie confirms: “The Kellogg’s Catalina is printing at Ultra, I tried it today when I bought for boxes of cereal and i earned a $3 OYNO”


  • Kitty emails: “did anyone notice that the $2 colgate rr is rolling?? and  it comes out as soon as the toothpaste is rung up. I have been getting the optic white but should be the same for all.”

Hy-Vee deals week of 3/12/14 – 3/18/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 3/12/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

  • HyVee frozen vegetables $0.69
  • In ad coupon to save $2 wyb any 4 of the following; Yoplait Smoothie $2.88, Totinos Pizza Rolls 40 ct 2/$5 $0.40/2 from 1/26, Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, Toaster Scrambles, pancakes or Grand Biscuit Sandwiches 2/$4 $0.50/2 from  1/5, Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers 3/$5 and earn $0.03 off of gas wyb 3. Best deals: Purchase 4 Green Giant valley Fresh Steamers 3/$5 ( so $6.67) Use the $2 in ad coupon making them $4.67 for 4 or $1.16 each AND earn $0.04 off of gas
  • Jell-O Pudding or gelatin 3/$2 $0.50/3 coupon here
Top Fuel Saver deals

Hy-Vee deals week of 3/5/14 – 3/11/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 3/5/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

2 Day Sale Thurs and Fri:

  • Dole Classic iceberg lettuce or coleslaw $0.68
  • Whole Boneless Pork Loin $1.88 lb
  • Jif 15.5 oz $1.68
Other deals all week:
  • Asparagus $0.99
  • HyVee boneless skinless chicken breast $1.88 lb
  • Buy 10 General Mills and get a $5 Coupon good for your next visit ( it says coupon but I think they mean Catalina which would mean it it $5 off your next order). Included are Betty Crocker Ultimate Helper or Potatoes 2/$4 Use the $0.75/2 from 1/12, General Mills Cereals 2/$5 $0.50/1 Chex, $0.75/1 Golden Grahams, $0.50/1 Cinnamon Toast Crunch, $1/3 here, $1/3 from 3/2, Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks 2/$4 and earn $0.02 off of gas wyb 2 $0.50/2 here or Fiber One Bars or Nature Valley Bars $2.69. $1.25/1 Nature Valley ( NLA), $0.50/2 Fiber one from 2/23
Top Fuel Saver deals:
  • Campbells Pasta 10/$8 and earn $.10 off of gas wyb 10 Use the $0.50/3 Spaghetti Os here
  • Kool Aid Jammers $1.99 and earn $0.02 off of gas Use the $0.50/1 coupon here
  • Banquet Dinners 10/$10 and earn $0.10 off of gas wyb 10
  • Glad Trash Bags $7.48  and earn $0.02 off of gas Use the $1/2 coupon here

Reader deals 3/3/14

Here are some of the deals (and heads up!) YOU found recently — Thanks! How do you share your own deal?

Big favor: If you mention other sites, online coupons, etc, please include the link. Disclaimer: All of the deals below come straight from readers.


  • Deb posts on Facebook: “New national catalina (received from Walgreens) – Buy 4 Kellogg’s and/or Kashi cereals (8.7 oz or larger, any flavor, mix or match) between 3/3/14 and 3/30/14 and save $1 wyb 2, $2 wyb 3, $3 wyb 4 or more on a future order with coupon. Hy-Vee has Special K cereal on sale 50% off through Tuesday. After 50%, cereal is $1.50. I used a printable $1/2 Kellogg’s cereal coupon sent to me from Kellogg’s in an e-mail. After sale, coupon, and catalina, I paid $0.25/box.”


  • On mperks, SoapboxTray found: “There is a 30% off 1 clearance men/women’s shoes. Excludes Sketchers. Could be good.”


  • A question from katy on the HP Envy: “Does anyone know if you will be able to print coupons or just pics and documents?I have a samsung galaxy phone and tablet. Ty”
  • Kari O. responds: “Galaxy does not print Coupons.com app coupons. You’d need an Apple device. There is a small chance you could download the Savings Bundle app onto the printer itself. That app let’s you print an extra set of coupons.com through the HP website. But I can’t tell from the product description if it has web and apps.”
  • Sue then asks: “Kari, can you explain the Savings Bundle app? How do you download an app to your computer (hp 5520), and how does this work? Thanks so much for any info. you can share.”
  • Kari O. elaborates: “If your printer has a digital display then click through the menu until you find Apps. Usually Savings Bundle is the first or second page. You can click it to download to the printer then choose weekly prints. The weekly option just prints off the most popular coupons from a few categories. You can also print find the printers Claim Code and create an HP Connected account. This allows you to log into the website and handpick coupons to send to the printers app and print. Not all coupons.com coupons are available but I’d say about 90% of them are.” She even has a helpful photo!
  • Suzann recommends: “Go to jr.com-usually free shipping and no sales tax since they are only in the NYC area.. I have ordered from them for several decades.” She adds: “I forgot to add this retailer –Beachcamera.com-they are in New Jersey.”
  • And Diane found: “Same one on Amazon for $81.44 hmmm” Plus $11.99 shipping.


    • We also sell Maternity Clothing!
    • St. Pius X School, 601 S. Westmore, Lombard, IL 60148 (Corner of Madison St / Westmore-Meyers Rd)
    • Friday, March 7th, 6:30 pm – 9:30 pm
    • Saturday, March 8th, 9 am – 12 noon
    • No children allowed on Friday.  No Strollers.
    • $1 admission fee added to your purchase total on Friday only.”


  • If you are interested in the $20/$50 household items deal and need some ideas, check the post here as well as the Facebook post to see what folks have shared.
  • Julie in Hot Deals shares: “Target has an awesome deal on Up & Up pull-ups. They are $17.49 for the big packs. Wyb 2, you get a $15 gc! Plus, on cartwheel, the 5% off Up & Up diapers came off the pull-ups! Thought I’d share! :-)”
  • Susie says: “Also text CLEAN [to 827438] for a set of mobile coupons that have a long expiration date”
  • A question from juli: “on the breakfast items gift card deal: do we know if any other cereals are included besides Frosted Flakes and Mini Wheats?”

Hy-Vee deals week of 2/26/14 – 3/4/14

Here are your Hy-Vee top deals and coupon matchups for the week of 2/26/14.

Hy-Vee top deals

  • 50% off Kelloggs Special K cereal , Bars and crackers Use the $1/3 and $1/2 from 1/5, $0.70/1 Chocolate Almond Cereal from 2/16
  • HyVee Pure Cane sugar $1.48
  • 5 lb russet potatoes $1.18
  • Quilted Northern $6.48 12 double rolls Use the $1/1 coupon here or $0.50/1 or $1/1 from 2/16