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I’m looking at tomorrow’s Jewel ad and Captain Morgan spiced rum 750 ml is 30% off Thurs-Sat, making it $13.30. There’s a $3.00/1 mfr coupon in the ad to make it $10.30, and it doesn’t say one per transaction. Captain Morgan is included on that up-to-$50 The Bar rebate through June 26.

So I’m wondering if the additional 10% will still come off on top of the 30% from the 3-day sale if you buy six bottles, so it would look like:

13.30*6 = $79.80
-10% = $71.82.
-$18.00 in coupons = $53.82

and get the $35.00 rebate for buying six = net $18.82, or $3.14 a bottle.

Or buy 8 = $106.40
-10% = $95.76
-$24 in coupons = $71.76

and get the $50 rebate for buying eight = net $21.76, or $2.72 a bottle.

I’m shuddering just typing this, because I can’t stand rum — but see, I look out for you guys anyway! lol

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  1. Lisa says

    The 10% should come off since it’s 6 or more… However, it will probably be calculated on the 13.99 price.

  2. Jodi says

    Great deal. Though where are you seeing the extra 10% off thing??? I have the paper with the sale 18.99 – 30% and – $3 coupon bringing it to 10.30 per bottle and I have the mail in rebate from the manufacturer, however I’m not sure where you are getting the extra 10% off from??? is there another coupon???

  3. Jodi says

    thanks, great deal. Though I have a question, where are you finding the extra 10% thing?? is it a coupon?? i have the add and the $3 coupone as well as the mail in rebate you linked but where does the extra 10%s come from??

    • says

      This is a Jewel regular deal — if you buy six bottles or more of alcohol in a single transaction, you get an automatic 10% discount.

  4. Jodi says

    Get out, I never knew that, that is awesome!!! Thank you so very much for responding!!! Its a great deal:)

  5. Rebecca says

    so im guessing since i submitted for the rebate on the tequila last week, i wont be able to do it again for the rum :( boo… shoulda held out for the rum!

  6. Lorwagner says

    So you’re saying if I buy six bottles I’ll get an extra 10% off the advertised price of $13.30, plus I’ll be able to tack on the $3.00 per bottle coupon????

    Yay……………Question, do the Ads in the store have the coupons< or just the mail/newspaper ones?

  7. Lorwagner says

    So you’re saying I’ll be able to tack on an additional 10% to the $13.30 and still use the coupons????? Do the Ads in the store have them, or just the ones in the newspaper?

    • says

      The ad in the store is the same as the one that comes in the midweek paper/mail, so will have the $3.00 coupon — so you can get the ads by the door or customer service for your additional coupons. The 10% off is an instant discount for multiple bottles. I’m assuming it will come off in addition to the 30% off on the 3-day sale, but we’ll have to see! :)

  8. Colleen says

    The cashier at Jewel gave me a hard time about purchasing the 8 bottles using 8 coupons. She spoke with the manager and he said due to the new IL liquor law in place today they could not be used. I challenged it because the new liquor law, which says that you have to purchase liquor when using liquor coupons, had nothing to do with what I was trying to do. The manager finally relented, but just a heads up that your store may challenge you on this.

    • says

      They are probably confused because today is the first day of that wine tag coupon change. You were right, glad it worked! :) Did the additional 10% discount come off OK?

  9. Chris says

    Found out on accident that the coupon works on Smirnoff too. I wish I had known I would have gotten some of the lime bite :)

  10. Sherri says

    There were hangtags on the bigger bottles, but the coupons were for 750ml. botlle or larger (which applied here). The coupons were for $2 off a cola product of $2.01 or more and $2 off any salty snack $2.01 or more. I bought six bottles, used 5 $2 off coupons on 12 packs of coke (for .40 each) then bought 5 bags of snacks ( .49 – .99 each) after coupons. GREAT DEAL!!

  11. RDietz says

    I bought four bottles of Smirnoff ($13.99 on sale) and four bottles of Captain Morgan today at the Yorkville Jewel and had no problem using four $3/1 coupons for the rum. I also had $5/2 for the Smirnoff. I’m not sure where that one was, because I cut it out a while ago. I think it was in one of the 5/1 inserts. I couldn’t find it on Coupontom either. :( It expires on the 26th. After coupons, 10% discount and tax it came to $83 and change. So take off the $50 rebate and it makes it $4.12 a bottle! :)

  12. Ed Hutchins says

    Twice I have tried the rebate on Capt . Morgan and twice they said I bought it in an unarthorised state , but I never saw a list od states , BTW , I live in South Carolina USA .

    • says

      there’s always a list of states on the rebate form — I don’t have a form at the moment so am not sure if SC is included or not, but you’d have to appeal to Diageo, sorry.

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