Before the blizzard, we went to Goodwill

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… where $18.78 got us 10 kids’ books, a wallet, a pretty green bowl, an army shirt for Mr. 7, a Muppets shirt for me, and… a stuffed Spyro from Skylanders. Not a bad haul for under $20, plus an hour’s entertainment browsing the store on a snowy school holiday.

And now, the screen time. One kid is on Minecraft, one kid is watching Hot Wheels (apparently, it is a show?) on Netflix, and one mom is… typing this. What are you guys up to today?

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  1. Debbie says

    I LOVE going to Goodwill. In Champaign and Bloomington/Normal if you go on Wednesday, senior citizens (55+) get 20% off regular priced items. I also like the color of the week where you get 50% off those items. Our children’s books are $.35. You would think all Goodwill stores would charge the same price for everything but apparently not.

    • says

      Yeah, they have different prices and also run different promos. But they’re all fun! :) Our color discount of the week was beige, but nothing we needed with beige tags, alas.

  2. Charlotte says

    I went to work out at my local park district, kids went into their daycare. Then they played with their $40 pads from Christmas and now daughter is eating and son is playing with Legos. Which I got on sale, of course 😛

  3. Stacey says

    Not sure if you are ever in the area, but one of the best Goodwills is in Gary, Indiana. Saturdays and Sundays everything is 50% off and you can walk out with bags and bags of clothes and shoes for little to nothing, Goodwill Outlet on Ridge Road in Gary, Indiana, after stopping you can head to flea market just a few streets over for amazing deals.

  4. Outlander says

    If you brought something to donate first you’d have gotten their Q for 30% off one whole transaction. You’d have paid only about $12 for all that! I love Goodwill too (my DH hates it), and I’m sitting on one of those Qs, because I want to use it wisely. :)

  5. jane says

    When I donate, my Goodwill only gives a 20% off coupon. Not sure if it is good on the whole transaction, or just one item…

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