Best of the Rest of the 1/1/14 new coupons


We’ve done thematic to death now, so here’s the random WHOMP of the best of the rest of the new New Year’s Day coupons I see:

Sweet coupons of chocolate and ice cream


For  your drugstore dealing


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  1. says

    I just returned from Ultra Foods in Lombard and all their holiday candy is 75% off! I was able to score bags of candy for .75-.95 cents each BEFORE coupons! Christmas Big League Chew .25, Kit Kat 6 pack .85, Twix Carmel Christmas santa 6 pack .92, Twix mini bags .75, Reeses Peanut Butter Bells .85, Milky Way miniatures bags .75, Skittles Holiday bank .50, Gharadelli Lg. Peppermint Bark 1.25!! I was also able to use many coupons to make this deal even “sweeter”-yum!

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