Beringer wine $1.49 a bottle at Ultra Foods


Here is a great deal Colleen found!

I went to Ultra Foods last night and snagged Beringer Wine for $1.49 a bottle! Through 11/28, Beringer is on sale for $3.88. If you buy 6 bottles, it drops the price to 3.49 a bottle. The CVS ad from this past week had a $4/2 Beringer coupon on the back page. So, buy 6 bottles & use 3 coupons. Your final price will be $1.49 a bottle. I bought 12 and wished I had more coupons, lol…

Note — this is from the four-day CVS ad running through today 11/27, so if you want the coupons, you need to stop by CVS today. I’m not sure how long the Beringer sale goes, but Ultra is putting out a new ad on Friday, so I’d again go today or tomorrow!

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  1. Sandra says

    I was able to get 22 bottles. After the sixth bottle rings up the 10% comes off and then for each additional amount the 10% adjusts up. I hadn’t been sure how that discount worked. I did mine at self checkout so I also got to scan all my own Q’s.

  2. Valentina S. says

    I got 6 bottles yesterday. I got the required CVS ads with $4/2 MQ in 11/24/13 Chicago Tribune insert. Therefore, I did not make a separate trip to CVS.

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