Beer rebate for your ham/turkey deal

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town comments on an even better deal, if you’re a beer drinker:

This gets even better. In Jewel there was a tearpad with a $10 rebate back on 12 pack of bud brands of beer with any turkey or ham purchase (over $10). The beer was only $8.99. So combining that with the Turkey/Ham offer also get a 12pack of beer. Who can argue free beer and make an additional $1.01? Sweet deal.

Read Jill Cataldo’s forum for more. Ginny notes that the $10.00 rebate is on Bud but that there’s a coupon for $5.00 off Miller wyb a ham. So, stop on over by the beer and look for rebate forms and coupons if you’re planning on buying the ham/turkey!

If you missed the earlier posts: In Sunday’s Tribune in the front section, there was a $9.00 off holiday ham Jewel store coupon. This is also found in Thursday’s Jewel ad, if you get yours in the mail before Th. Combine with the blue in-store coupon found by the turkey or ham: Get a free Jennie-O turkey breast when you buy a Cook’s spiral cut ham. (This expires 12/16, so you’ll need to do this through Wed. only.) If you want the beer, too, look for the rebate forms and you’ll end up with free beer to go with your free turkey and cheap ham — Now that’s a holiday! 😉

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  1. says

    if you don’t see the tear pad, ask the salesperson at the counter–they have additional coupons! Our Jewel didn’t have the tear pad out, but had it behind the counter.

    We paid $10 tonight for beer, turkey, and ham ($50 value) :)We’re considering freezing the ham and taking it to PA for Christmas….what will my husband and I do with all this meat?? We still have 16 lbs of turkey leftover from Thanksgiving!

  2. Ginny says

    I went tonight. The rebate is only for Bud products. There are tear pad coupons there for $5 off Miller when you buy a ham. Good thing too, because DH was really looking forward to Miller Lite and I wasn’t going to pay full price!

  3. Kate says

    I’m heading over this morning and really hoping they sell liquor in the morning in IN. Is it sad that the highlight of my Wednesdays is getting the Jewel ad??? :)

  4. Heather says

    So I ended up going to Jewel this morning and scored bigtime! Picked up a ham for $15.94 — used my coupon so it came down to 6.94 — and got a free $19.36 turkey breast — then headed over to the alcohol and got $5.00 off my miller lite case ($8.99 after coupon) and then picked up my 12 pack of bud light wheat (on sale for 10.99) — and can now send in my rebate for $10 back because I bought a ham. A 12 pack of beer for $.99 you can’t beat that!! Now isn’t that a Happy Holidays!!

  5. Sherry says

    I just got back from the Orland Park Jewel and they had just lowered the price of the Cooks Spiral Ham down to $2.19/lb. They have lots of the blue coupons (for free J/O turkey breast) still there as well. Add it all w/ the $9 coupon and it’s a score! Just thought I’d let you know.
    I had my finals yesterday so I’m late in getting all the deals but it paid off w/ the price drop :)

  6. vicki says

    I have been checking this site out and following it for last couple of weeks. Went to the jewels in Crown point IN. Did not have much luck….would not count the turkey as part of the twenty dollars spent and would only count the amount spent after my preferred card was deducted. This was in the self check….on top of this they didn’t scan in either my kelloggs buy 4 get $5 off or my catalina for $5. Called the store and they said they would audit the coupons and get back to me. Guess I waited to long and should of went earlier.

  7. peelieprowler says

    Anyone have any ideas on where to find a $9 ham coupon if I already threw the Sunday paper away and did not receive the jewel ad in the mail yet?

  8. says

    Thanks so much for posting this deal. I went to a downtown Jewel (parking–YIKES) and got a large turkey breast (almost $20 worth), a ham, 12-pack of Budweiser bottles and some bananas for $27+. With the beer rebate, I’ll get all of that for $17+. This is now my Christmas dinner, plus some sides and minus the beer for me, of course. Thanks for posting all of these great deals!

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