At the ALDI Test Kitchen — more tomorrow!

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I’m at an ALDI blogger event through tomorrow — and no, I’m not really two-fisting wine, although some days I am sorely tempted. This was actually a taste test! We had a lot of fun in the ALDI test kitchen tonight doing blind taste tests of various ALDI brands vs. comparable national brands.

ALDI wine, a or b? The big reveal… tomorrow night when I get back. 😉 Also cheese, crackers, and more!

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  1. LauraC says

    I really like the Aldi Cabernet. I’m a little cranky they raised the price by 20 cents, but it’s not stopping from buying it.

  2. Carol says

    So looking forward to your opinions. I love Aldi and use most of their products except the alcohol. Would like to know someone’s opinion before I buy.

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