Are Dominick’s Just for U e-coupons store or manufacturer?

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Update — see the September 2013 update with new info!


One of the most common questions you guys ask about Dominick’s is about Just for U e-coupons. These are some variation on:

  • How can I tell if Just for U e-coupons are store or manufacturer coupons?
  • Are Just for U e-coupons store or manufacturer?
  • Can I use paper manufacturer coupons with Just for U e-coupons?
  • Will Just for U e-coupons come off multiple products?

Well, Dominick’s doesn’t make it at all easy to tell if Just for U coupons are store or manufacturer, whether you can also use paper coupons with Just for U e-coupons, or whether Just for U coupons will come off one product or multiple products. So, here are a few tips.

Just for U e-coupons in the Big Yellow Box

Each week, Dominick’s has been putting a list of JFU e-coupons in a big yellow box in the weekly paper ad. Each shows the price, the coupon amount, and the final price.

Yellow box Just for U e-coupon rules:

  1. These coupons shown in the yellow box have all been coming off as store coupons.
  2. The e-coupon will come off each product you buy (unless a limit is specified, in the ad and online). So if I bought one soup, $1.00 would come off. If I bought 10 soups, $10 would come off. I’m not sure if there is an upper limit.
  3. These e-coupons will only come off in one transaction, then are gone off your card, even though they will still show when you view your JFU.
  4. You can stack manufacturer coupons with Just for U e-coupons that are listed as weekly Digital Coupons.

Here, for instance, is my receipt from buying Campbell’s 100% Natural soup.

  • I bought four cans, two of one variety which are lumped together on the receipt, and two more single cans.
  • You can see that the Just for U e-coupon came off four times as a J4U Store eCpn: -$1.00, -$2.00, and -$1.00.
  • I was also able to stack two $.75/2 paper manufacturer coupons, which are lumped together on the receipt as Mfr Cpn -$1.50.

So, yellow box coupons: Off multiple items in one transaction, can stack manufacturer paper coupons with them.

Just for U e-coupons that duplicate paper store coupons

Each week, Dominick’s prints store coupons in its weekly ad. Those same coupons are also available to load on Just for U. Here are the rules for these.

  1. Since these are the same as the ones in the weekly ad, they are store, rather than manufacturer coupons.
  2. You can stack paper manufacturer coupons with the Just for U e-coupons that duplicate the paper store coupons printed in the weekly ad.
  3. They have the same limits as their paper counterparts in the weekly ad. If the weekly ad says limit four, then the e-coupon will also say limit four.
  4. The “one-time” under the e-coupon means it will only come off in one transaction and then be gone from your card, even though it will still show on your Just for U.
  5. If you want to do another transaction, you’ll have to grab a paper ad and use a paper coupon.

The same goes for booklet coupons. If you find an in-store booklet that contains store coupons, such as the Big Fall Coupon Book pictured above, those same store coupons are also often found on Just for U as store e-coupons. For instance:

The Big Fall Coupon Booklet contains a $1.00/1 Pyrex product store coupon. On Just for U, guess what?

Yes, the very same $1.00/1 Pyrex store e-coupon. So, here’s what to know about these types of store e-coupons on Just for U:

  1. Dominick’s store coupons are limit one per transaction, whether they are electronic or paper.
  2. The store e-coupons that duplicate the paper booklet coupons will only come off once, and then be gone from your card. They will not come off on another transaction, even though they still show when you view your Just for U.
  3. Since these are store e-coupons, you can stack paper manufacturer coupons with them.

Just for U e-coupons that duplicate

You’ll also find e-coupons on Just for U that are exact duplicates of those found on Since these duplicate manufacturer coupons, they are also manufacturer coupons — you are just loading them to your card rather than printing them out.

  1. If you see a coupon on both JFU and, you can be pretty sure it is a manufacturer e-coupon on Just for U.
  2. You cannot stack paper manufacturer coupons with JFU manufacturer e-coupons.
  3. If you do try to use a paper manufacturer coupon when you have a manufacturer e-coupon loaded for the same product, the register will beep and tell the cashier you already have an e-coupon applied.
  4. If you have a higher value paper coupon that you want to use, she should be able to switch and use the paper one instead.
  5. Electronic manufacturer coupons on Just for U will only come off once on one product in one transaction.

OK, what about the rest of them?

You’ll find other random e-coupons in the Coupon Center on Just for U. Dominick’s does not choose to label which are store coupons and which are manufacturer coupons.

  • Most, but not all of the other e-coupons on Just for U are manufacturer e-coupons, which will only come off one product in one transaction and cannot be used with paper manufacturer coupons.
  • Occasionally, you will find that other e-coupons on JFU come off as store e-coupons.
  • But, there is no way I have found to tell until you check out which these might be.

So when none of the above applies, assume that these will be manufacturer coupons. If you don’t remember one is loaded on your card, don’t worry — the register will now automatically kick the e-coupon out if you use a higher value paper one.

A note on Personalized Deals on Just for U

Just for U personalized deals are generally not coupons, but are prices, so you don’t have to worry: You can always use manufacturer coupons with personalized deals; personalized deals are never manufacturer e-coupons.

The only time you’ll need to think about coupons in terms of personalized prices is if they give you a $/$$ offers, such as the $3/$30 shown above.

  • In this case, manufacturer coupons will not affect your $3/$30 offer, but store coupons will.
  • Update — the clearance 50% off store coupon stickers generally will not, however.
  • I’ve seen it bop the $3 back on if a store coupon reduces your order under the $30.
  • This is because store coupons reduce the price you are paying for a product, so you will have to hit that $30 after store coupons.
  • You can then use as many manufacturer coupons as you want; they will not affect that minimum dollar amount you need for the $3 discount.

On a related note, what’s with unlimited and limit one per day on the same offer?

Sometimes you will see an offer under personalized deals that says both “unlimited” and “limit one per day.” This means that you can only use the offer once per day, but you can come back the next day and do it again, as many times as you want until the offer expires. If you had the personalized deal above, for instance, you could get $5 off $20 Ranchers Reserve every day until 10/31/12, but only in one transaction per day.

Any other questions?

OK, I think that covers it for now — if you have any other questions about Dominick’s Just for U, comment here and I’ll do my best to answer! :)

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  1. Kate says

    To confuse things a little more- On the Ranchers Reserve meat $5/$20 coupon, If you are buying clearance meat (30%, 50%, etc peelies on the close to expiring meat)the $5 will come off even if you drop below the $20. For Example- If you are buying $20 worth of meat with a 50% off sticker, it will deduct the $10 and also the $5. Have gotten some beautiful steaks and roasts like this for in essence 75% off.

  2. grandma g says

    A big thank-you Rachel. This is the most complete explanation of JFU I’ve seen. I think I’ll print it and carry it with just in case I can’t keep all this mind-boggling stuff straight. Thanks again, I’m glad you put it all in one place. :)

  3. dani says

    …i think that my question for you on thursday about the toliet paper sparked some extra work for you. Thanks for giving us a full explanation.

  4. MaryB says

    Rachel, thanks so much for the clear explanation! I’m also going to print this. I have one more question that wasn’t covered. If an e-coupon on the Dominick’s site is a manufacturers coupon, is it only good for one item as if we were using a paper coupon? Assuming that it is good for only one item — if we buy two or more of an item where an e-manufacturers coupon is being applied, will the register accept paper coupons for the other additional items?

    • says

      Yes, exactly. So if you have a $1.00 off one Hellmann’s mayo, let’s pretend, loaded on your JFU, and you bought four Hellmann’s mayo, it would only come off one, not the other three. So you could still use paper manufacturer coupons on the other three.

  5. Lynda says

    what about a personalized price versus a sale price? say i have a personalized price for ground turkey at $4/lb where it is normally $6/lb? say this ground turkey is on sale for BoGo. will i end up buying two pounds for $4 or two pounds for $6? because i’m pretty sure that i have had it go either way.

    • says

      If you have a personalized price for an item that is BOGO, you should get it BOGO at your personalized price. So in your example, yes, two pounds for $4.00.

  6. Lindsay says

    Thank you do much for this post! It was super helpful and very informative!! I just started the just 4 u program but I tried to read the rules on the Dominick’s website and just got more confused. Thanks again!

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