Amazon — Finding Coupons, Subscribe & Save, and Codes

Some of you have asked where to find these things on Amazon, so I thought I’d write up a little guide. Here’s where to find current coupons, subscribe & save offers, and “special offers” including sales and discount codes.


It’s hard on Amazon to find current coupons to “clip” into your account. Make sure you’re logged in so that you can see these. They’ll also often show up right on the item description page when you are browsing, so always look down the page for coupons you can clip.

If you lose this link, the easiest way to get there is to click “Today’s Deals” or “Gold Box” at the top, then look for the tiny coupons link in the top menu. All coupons are limit one per account, and all have expiration dates, at which point that will disappear out of your account. Once you “clip” them, that coupon automatically comes off at the very last page of checkout when you buy a qualifying item.

Subscribe & Save

Now, to get to subscribe & save-eligible items, what you do is select a category in the left-hand menu. For example, mouse over “Shop All Departments” at the top left, then go down to “Grocery, Health, and Beauty,” then pick “Grocery and Gourmet Food.” Look in the top right and click “Subscribe & Save” and that will give you the current food items that are eligible. Here are some more direct links:

When you use subscribe & save, it automatically gives 5-15% off plus free shipping. It signs you up to keep receiving the item at regular intervals — however, you can cancel at any time under your account. Keep in mind that it locks in the regular subscription; it does not lock in the price, so if you don’t cancel it can ship you the next item at a higher price.


You can always combine subscribe & save with discount codes and/or with coupons to get extra savings. To find special offer codes, you can again go in the left-hand menu and drill down to a category, then click “Special Offers” near the top right.

Sometimes special offers are just sales, and sometimes they contain discount codes.