ALDI shopping — too cold to face anywhere else

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Do you ever go to ALDI just because it’s too flipping cold out and you’re too sick of the snow and the hassle to deal with a big parking lot and navigating a big store and… yeah, I totally had that going on today. So, ALDI:

Cauliflower, $2.49.
Mushrooms, $1.49.
Corn tortillas, $.35.
Fingerling potatoes, $1.49.
Eggs, $1.59. Will get $.50 back from Checkout 51.
Roma tomatoes, $1.49. (Hmm, I could swear it said $1.29. Oh well.)
Hash browns, $2.99.
Blackberries, $.99.
5 avocados, $2.95.
Flour tortillas, $.89.

So that came to $17.01. Tonight we’re having the rotisserie chicken I got from Costco a couple days ago and we never ate, lol. Tomorrow I’m thinking crock pot salsa chicken w/ guacamole, which generally lasts a couple days. That’s as far as my meal planning has gotten this week, how about you?!

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  1. Tamara says

    I got did the $.25 for blueberries from Checkout 51 as well. Aldi is such a great store – you can get in and out so fast! I buy mostly produce so it’s perfect. :)

      • Tamara says

        I feel like it’s so streamlined. I usually try to keep my blinders on in the first aisle since it’s mostly junk. Then I grab my dairy, produce, possibly a couple canned goods and head to checkout. The cashiers are SUPER fast. No matter how long the line is they breeze through. Maybe that’s life in the big city (Chicago)?

  2. juli says

    All the time! When my kids were toddlers it was great. Their carts had two seats and I could get most of what I needed in about a half hour.

    • Tamara says

      I don’t think shopping at Aldi is lazy. I don’t have a family or anybody else to feed, but I can get about 90% of my food from there. :)

  3. Linda says

    I just made peachy pork picante for our dinner- getting home at 7, and didn’t want to have to cook then.

    1 lb pork, cut up and browned
    1/5 to 1/4 C of taco seasoning
    1/4 cup peach preserves
    3/4 cup salsa

    MIx together over low heat, and and serve over rice. Fancy tasting dinner, that was easy and quick. :) Bonus!

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