ALDI gluten free chicken nuggets — HUGE hit


So earlier today I bought these gluten free chicken nuggets at ALDI. Tonight, both kids tried them for dinner — HUGE hit. Both had seconds, and would have happily had thirds if mean mom hadn’t stopped them. ;) Tried a bite of one myself, and agree that it was pretty good.


I’m definitely buying ALDI gluten free chicken nuggets again! See here for ingredients.

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  1. Elizabeth O says

    Shoot, I was there today and got new pillows, a bug maker toy my son has been begging for (it has horrible reviews but was discounted so I figure if it is bad I am not out as much as getting it on-line), and picked some of the organic stuff to try but missed the nuggets. Oh well!

  2. courtney says

    We tried these today too. They were excellent! I also tried the gf brown rice chips salsa flavor and they were great as well for $1.99.

  3. Rona says

    Looks yummy. What other stores can I find these at? Would they be found at my local Sprouts or TJ? Those would be great in a pinch.

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