ALDI — check for $5.00 off ham

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Some of you mentioned a while back that your ALDI had hams for $5.00 off. Well, I stopped by the Villa Park ALDI on Roosevelt today (for cheap strawberries and $1.88 milk!) and finally saw the wonderful $5.00 off sign there. So if you’re in the area or want to see if your store is clearancing them out as well, Appleton Farms spiral sliced hams are $1.49/lb, then $5.00 off each at the register.


I got two, one for $6.83 and one for $6.10. These expire soon — one was 2/15 and one was 2/23 — but ham freezes nicely. That made these hams about $.86 a pound, and they’re really good!

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  1. says

    Best of your knowledge are these hams that they had in the store the last few weeks? When I stopped in (to get those darn caramels) they had NO spiral hams at all. I didn’t know if I should just try another Aldi vs. the same one. If it’s a special type pricing or if it’s clearancing out the ones they have had. Just curious!

  2. says

    They’re clearancing out the ones they had — mine has had a whole freezer coffin thing or more full since Christmas, lol. Today they have the $5.00 sign up and it’s half full!

  3. BeckyG says

    At my Aldi’s (a couple of weeks ago) they had those whole, smoked turkeys for $5.00 off. The turkeys, however, were in the price vicinity of about $21.00. But if you like smoked turkeys, go to. An idea for using them is to flavor soups (almost like using a soup bone) – would make the turkey go farther if you only used it a little at a time, so it might be a good deal.

  4. Joey says

    Romeoville Aldi had $8.00 OFF their hams and resulted in being around $4.50 each. Mine was an 8lb’er I believe. This was on Saturday.

    • says

      They are really good! They are clearancing them because they’re expiring — these are the leftover hams from Christmas so I assume they’ll get in a new batch with longer dates for Easter.

  5. Carrie R says

    Aldi in Hoffman Estates, or is it Schaumburg? (on Higgins)only had 2 hams left this morning for $5 off.

    FYI- bought some of the sea salt caramels- Oh my!!! I’ve been cutting them into fourths and trying to go slow- ha,ha. Very good!!

  6. Cheryl says

    $5 off in Arlingon Heights….had 20+ left yesterday but the freezer smelled gross, so I looked mine over super carefully. Got 3 at $8 each. All expired 3/8.

  7. trish says

    Only $3 off in Blue Island.
    If anyone found better pricing on the South/ Southwest/chicago/suburbs side please post.

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