A couple of places to buy coupons and inserts online

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A lot of you have been complaining about not receiving coupon inserts at all in your Chicago Tribunes downstate, or have been missing inserts in the papers you’re buying at the store. So I thought I’d mention a couple of options for ordering coupons and inserts online — please comment here if you’ve ordered elsewhere or have other sites to share, and I’ll start making up a longer list of alternatives for you.

  1. Coupons & Things by Dede. Dede sells both individual coupons and entire inserts, so if you’re not receiving inserts this is a good alternative. She also has a loyalty program where you earn points for each order, and then can redeem those points towards $ off later orders.
  2. The Coupon Clippers. Nice features here include a separate section for gluten free coupons, although there is not much in there right now.

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  1. says

    I’ve ordered from dede and she’s fast and efficient; emails you as soon as your order is shipped and has tracking availability. Prices are extremely reasonable for most coupons.

  2. Becky says

    I just used ebay during this GM deal- paid about .07 per coupon (including shipping) for $1/3 GG veggies and $1/2 gogurts. I thought that was pretty good!

  3. Kristy says

    I’ve been missing inserts in my delivered paper, and it’s really annoying, considering that they are supposed to be prepackaged, so it’s not like our delivery person is messing it up. Last week, I was missing a Red Plum insert.

  4. silviavm says

    I understand that we are not really paying for coupons but rather shipping and handling and their work to go out and get the paper, to then clip. I understand that some of the qs clearly say to not be sold or duplicated. Just FYI

    Also, should we be being careful with the recent issue that was brought up about people now being able to counterfeit manufacturer coupons? I would be concern getting them from someone I do not know considering that if I use a counterfeit, the one that would get arrested for fraud right? Keep that in mind when you are getting the qs!

  5. Mary says

    Suddenly after 25 years the Chicago Tribune suddenly stops including Red Plum and all other coupon inserts in outlying areas (i.e. Northern Indiana and Central Illinois.) After repeated emails and phone calls with aggravating, phony excuses or nonsense crap double talk, it’s pretty clear the Chicago Trib is involved in covering something, someone or some situation UP regarding these coupons. Hope they laugh it up all the way to Bankruptcy Court…I am NOT interested in buying a newspaper for $3 a pop, w/ coupons missing—and NO valid answer as to where they are or WHY. If there’s one newspaper, as well as entire town, that needs to go down the drain it’s the Chicago Tribune and Chicago, Illinois.

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