$5 off $5 at Carson Pirie Scott

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OK, seriously, it’s like free stuff at the stores week. Head over and print $5.00/$5.00 at Carson’s (or Bon-Ton or other associated stores, if you’re outside Chicagoland). Lots of exclusions, but you should be able to find something!

Print this, your $5/$5 at Toys R Us, your free apparel item at Sears Outlet, and your free Minibon at Cinnabon and you have a day of freebies at the mall, what fun :)

(Thanks for the heads up, Shari)

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  1. Mary says

    I would love to hear what everyone is getting at Carsons so please report back. I love their coupons, but sometimes, it is like a scavenger hunt. :)

  2. Cheryl says

    The coupon states “limit one coupon per person” is that per day? Can I print 2 and return to the store in a few days? The couppon is good until Sept. 11 so many opportunities to shop.

    • Cowfan4015 says

      Yes. When Carson’s had a coupon sometime in January my family went several different days to the same store.

  3. JEN C says

    Does anyone know where this coupon originated from? It looks like it’s one of their thank you emails for signing up for their email list. I would love $5 in free stuff, but just want to make sure it’s not a one time use coupon intended for a specific person.

  4. rosa says

    last time when they had the 10 off 10 in the paper they put everything in store that was a bit over 10.00 to 9.99 and you could not use the coupon.

    • Karen says

      Yes, I used it yesterday and it worked. When the cashier was ringing me up she said, “It looks like you already get our emails” implying that she didn’t need to ask me to sign up to receive emails. It looks like you can get this coupon for signing up for their email list. I went to the Carson’s website and saw that you can get a $5 off coupon for signing up for emails.

  5. kate says

    By the way, anyone thinking of using this (or any Carsons coupons) on KCups, they are considered “small electronics” and therefore excluded. Argued for half hour and was told their system codes it this way and there is no way to override it. Pure siliness if you ask me

  6. kate says

    The last $10/$25 one excluded them. I got a ton on the one previous to that that was $10 off $10. Guess it depends on the wording. I didnt try it with this $5 yet.

  7. jolene says

    so now that we know what people can’t get w/ the coupon…. what ARE people getting?! lol…. i plan on going tomorrow and am looking for ideas…. anyone try it on bakeware yet?

  8. jolene says

    i found boys (12, 18 & 24 month size) ruff hewn jeans reg. $20, marked down to $14.99 & “on sale” for $6.99…. so only $1.99 after coupon!! :)

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