30 point 12 packs live on My Coke Rewards

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30 point 12-packs are back on My Coke Rewards! This is a Wed.-only deal, but usually sells out by early morning. Thanks to Theresa for the heads up!

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  1. susie says

    Its funny I was wondering if they would have a 12pk for a wednesday deal, and here it is!Thanks for the heads up, I got my 4!

  2. Paula M says

    I got the one last night and after reading everyones post, decided to go back in and try for 3 more. Scored two more and the site started hanging up. Just checked my e-mail and have 8 confirmations (1 from last night and 7 this morning). Anyone else have this happen?

  3. Outlander says

    My first 2 went through fine, 3rd one got some error code but it took the points off, and the 4th one said Sorry, I reached my limit.
    BUT, I received 12!! confirmation emails. Now I wonder how many I’m gonna get.
    Did that happen to anyone else?

    • Catherine says

      Looks like it’s over- I was able to order 2 and then got the same message you did. I’m glad I got the 2 though :).

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