$25 Jewel gift card with new or transferred prescription — COUPON!

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Here’s one from Jewel’s weekly email newsletter: Print a coupon for a $25 gift card with new or transferred prescription, good through 8/31! This is one per customer — but remember that CVS also takes competitor prescription coupons :) Update a couple of you say your CVS no longer does, so your mileage may vary!

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  1. kay says

    this is even better – when you do this, ask for the ‘refill card’. You get a sticker for each refill and then when you get 3 you take the card and can pick any gift card from the Gift mall ($25 cards). My dog has an expensive script that is $140 – the initial script and each refill was for 2 week worth of pills. ($140) I can’t afford to fill the whole thing, so I get partial refills – a week at a time and they gave me a sticker each time, even tho it was a partial.

  2. says

    Nice. Yeah, that’s in the top of the jewel weekly deals post. I don’t even think you need the coupon at Jewel, but I was excited to see that they’d added a printable — because it’s limit one per household but then you can take it to CVS and get another $25 gift card for a prescription there. :)

  3. kate says

    The CVS on Ogden said that CVS doesnt do that anymore. Maybe varies per store. Call first because I had already transferred it to them thinking they still took competitor’s couons and then they wouldn’t honor my coupon. The lady was nice but said CVS discontinued that program beacuase of too many people playing the “Prescription Transfer Game.” Whhaaaatt??? 😉

  4. jilldianne says

    The CVS in South Elgin took my Meijer catalina prescription coupons as recent as 2 weeks ago. Hopefully that will continue.

  5. B.O.C.E. says

    Hey Rachel! Thanks for posting this coupon. The coupon says, “one per customer,” (not household), so I’m wondering if it can be used one per person of the household.

    • says

      Don’t know! they told me at the pharmacy when I did it w/o coupon (it was in the ad a couple weeks ago) that it was one per household, but you can but try.

  6. Rebecca says

    Just called my CVS on n ave and the manager told me they haven’t done it in a long time but if it’s truly a new prescription that’s not been filled he will make an exception this one time. :) Now i don’t have to get out of the car to go to jewel!!!!

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