$10/$50 at Dominick’s on JFU

Dominick’s sent out an email about new e-coupons on Just for U. So head over, login, go to the Coupon Center tab, and click on “special offers” on the left-hand menu. You can load a $10/$50 e-coupon, good through 3/13. (Luckily, cause there ain’t much to buy there this week!) Last time they did this, it triggered on pre-card prices; don’t know if that will happen again, but it was nifty when it did. I also had chicken of the sea chunk lite tuna, 3/$.99 limit 3, and a couple $5.00 off party tray coupons. Other than that not a lot of interest, so I’m not sure what they were talking about. Corissa also found free 10 oz dunksters cookies with $10 purchase, so load that too!

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  1. s353 says

    Those cookies are actually in the bakery aisle I could not find them.They are on sale for 99 cents usual price is over 3 dollars. I also got them free.

    • Corissa says

      My $10/$50 wasn’t on the first page, where new coupons usually are for me. I had to look through all the coupon center pages, and found it on the last or next to last page.

  2. Julie says

    I bought $68 worth (before I entered in my card #…went down to $39 after my card and $15+ after my store/man q’s. The $10 (that I did load/have on JFU) did NOT come off…so I paide $10 more than I wanted to. Oh well! Hopefully someone else will have better luck.

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