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Stopped by CVS with Mr. 7 this morning — he loves being my Sunday morning shopping buddy lately, so, we’ll ease him in slowly with a small store like CVS. 😉 I received another 30% off coupon in email this week — they seem to go in spurts, and I’ll get a bunch in a row and then have a dry spell. So as long as they keep coming, I’ll keep using them!

3 Ragu, $5.00. Used $.40/2 from the 7/27 RP2.
2 Speed Stick Gear deodorant, $10.58. Used BOGO from the 7/27 SS1, which took off $4.29.
Posterboard for Mr. 7, $.99.
Nexxus shampoo, $10.99. Used $6.00/1 from Real Simple magazine.
Nexxus conditioner, $10.49.

Used the 30% off coupon from my email, which took off $9.92. Used $17 in ECB and paid $2.44. Got back $18 in ECB: $10 Nexxus, $5 deodorant, and $3 Ragu, for a net cost of $1.44.

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  1. mama says

    I had a great CVS trip this morning – I don’t usually get the good coupons from CVS or the coupon flyers but got lucky this week! I can confirm that the 30% email coupon will stack automatically with the 30% off CVS brands and got some good deals.

    Also was able to put together some good deals with regularly-priced items that had ECB deals:

    Purchased Colgate Total ($4.99) and Irish Spring Gear bodywash ($5.29)
    $10.28 – 30% ($3.08) – $1 Colgate q -$1 Irish Spring q = $5.20 with $5ECB (would have been better if my store had the Oral B brushhead refills because I could have gotten them net for free and also been able to use my $2/$10 oral care with the Colgate, oh well)

    Purchased Benefiber ($13.49) and GasX ($7.29) and Systane eye drops ($13.79)
    $34.57 – 30% ($10.37) – $4 Benefiber q – $1.25 GasX q – $3 Systane q – $2/$12 eye care – $4/$20 stomach remedy – $3/$10 heartburn (both $/$$ popped up automatically on the register) = $6.95 with $10ECB

  2. Judy says

    You talk about saving at CVS by using the 20% or 30% off coupons,but they are not good on sale items. And all the items you buy are on sale that week, so I am confused . Are your % off coupons different than mine?

    • says

      No. The items I bought (other than Ragu) were not on sale — the % off coupons that come in email will work on regular priced items that are ECB deals. So the Nexxus was regular priced $10.99 and $10.49, it just happened to have ECB attached, ditto with the deodorant, which was regular price but with ECB.

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