$1.00/1 Angel Soft coupon for your Target deals


Here’s a new $1.00/1 Angel Soft coupon (12 double roll+) — put in ZIP 77477 then reload the page to see. You can use this to do the Target deal we were talking about earlier:

Note that prices and offers may vary by region at Target.

(Thanks, Southern Cali Saver)

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  1. julie says

    There is a better deal next week at CVS. They should be having the 12 pack double rolls on sale $5 each with a spend $15, get $5 ECB. I luckily saved my $2 printables, so this should be a great deal. Buy 3, for $15, -3 $2/1 printables, -$5 ECB and you are at a net $4 for 36 double rolls. This works out to about $.06 per single roll!!
    Even with the $1 printables, you are at $.10 per single roll, a great price for TP.

  2. julie says

    Also, the ad preview I saw on 1heartcvs.com was blurry, but the packs pictured seemed to be bonus packs with the equivalent of 4 extra rolls for a slightly better deal if you can find the bonus packs.

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