$1.00 off fresh pork coupon

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Update while the “click and save $1” is now gone, apparently new signups are still getting the $1.00 coupon offer. Sign up in the upper left of the site.

Join the somewhat disturbingly named Pork Social, and get a printable coupon for $1.00 off fresh pork, courtesy of the National Pork Board! It let me print two, which don’t expire til 4/1 — plenty of time for a sale.

(Thanks, Moola Saving Mom)

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  1. April says

    is it gone already? i printed this coupon about 3 hours ago from a different computer and now can’t even find it on the page.

  2. Kate says

    Question– is this coupon able to be used on bacon? Like Oscar Mayer or anything? Curious to know the answer. If it could be used, as the bacon packaged by oscar mayer really should be fresh, it would make for cheap bacon at meijer starting Thursday.

      • Kate says

        Just wasn’t sure….bacon is listed on their site as a fresh pork product, so I think bacon will work, but under their Pork Branding, many other brands are listed but not Oscar Mayer, so I guess maybe not. If I wake up tomorrow still wanting to know, I’ll call and ask them I suppose, but either way it’s still a great coupon!

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